How to install MySQL in Windows Operating System?

May 7, 2007 / FAQs Web Hosting

The following are the steps to install MySQL in Windows –

The Zip file –

Also, check for the latest versions on the internet

  • A temporary directory should be created
  • Unzip the file to the directory
  • After the unzip process, search for “setup.exe”
  • Make sure you close all programs
  • Search for Setup File in the temporary directory
  • Select “OK” in order to proceed
  • Follow the instructions of the installation process
  • Restart Windows
  • In MS-DOS, switch to c:\mysql\bin
  • At the prompt –

mysqld-shareware –standalone or MySQL

  • MySQL Session begins
  • Type “MySQL” at the prompt
  • In order to test, type “show databases;”
  • In order to quit type “quit”
  • Thereafter, to shut down completely, type –

mysqladmin -u root shutdown

We hope you understood How to install MySQL in Windows Operating System. Please do not hesitate to contact the bodHOST technical support team.