FAQs – CloudFlare CDN and PHP

March 22, 2014 / FAQs

1- How to install CloudFlare CDN on my domain?

Ans: To activate the CloudFlare CDN, you need to register the account for your domain. As well as we need to install the mod_cloudflare apache module on your server.

2 – Is there any downtime while we are activating the CloudFlare CDN?

Ans: No you won’t face the down for the website.

3 – What will be effective or impacts (if any please specify).

Ans: Once your domain starts using the CloudFlare service, all the traffic will be routed from the CloudFlare network, for more clarification. Please refer to the official website of CloudFlare for more information.

4 – Any other resources we need to upgrade.

Ans: We just need to install the mod_cloudflare Apache module on your server. Therefore you need to tell us when you would like to install it.

5 – Activating CloudFlare CDN will increase the browsing speed or not?

Ans: The browsing speed same.

6 – Please suggest how to reduce server response time if it is high as 2.3 to 3 seconds and we need to reduce it. I think it should not be more than 1 second.

Ans: If you would like we can enable the mod_deflate and mod_expire Apache modules on your server. As it’s useful to increase website performance.

Note: If you have an older version of PHP then you will experience an apache module error. To fix the error with Apache configuration you need to recompile Apache and PHP on the server because older versions of PHP are no longer supported by the cPanel Easy Apache module [cPanel default Apache and PHP re-compiler] hence you will have to upgrade the PHP version the latest one.

7 – What will be the down time for a website if we upgrade the PHP version to the latest one? Is there any possibility of data loss while upgrading the latest PHP latest version?

Ans: You will not face any downtime in the PHP upgrade process, but it could be possible that your domains script will not compatible with the latest PHP version. Therefore, first, you need to confirm with your web developer that all domains on the server are compatible with the latest PHP version or not.