Benefits of Windows SharePoint Services 3.0

December 26, 2011 / General Discussion

One way to understand SharePoint requires an understanding of what it can do for you and how it used:

  1. Improve individual productivity with tools made in collaboration Connect people with the information they need and allow them to receive, create and organize information, documents, lists, and data to accomplish the necessities of their work.
  2. Manage and track documents The document management features provide enhanced recording and verification of documents and management changes. Restore previous versions or control access or alteration of documents.
  3. Ease of use and integration of Microsoft Office The views and improved menus within SharePoint sites make navigation easier and allow users to obtain useful information easily. Integration with familiar tools including the Microsoft Office suite makes it easier its implementation and acceleration without having to learn new authorized documentation.
  4. Deploy solutions designed for you You can start with one of the many workspace and start your standard or custom start implementing a SharePoint solution designed specifically for the processes and the needs of your business.
  5. Build your own collaborative environment Building a collaborative environment should not complicated and long. Now you can implement and deploy your SharePoint solutions with minimal time and effort.
  6. Reduce the complexity Controls in SharePoint for administration make it easier to control the information stored within your website.
  7. Secure your information in the manner of your choice You can control access and security of documents regardless of their level of accessibility and users, groups, or teams, can control their own workspace that you have defined with security settings.
  8. Take file sharing to the next level The registration of documents and registration, version history, and storage allows you to see what changes were made and retrieve older versions. Features allow the garbage collection and recovery of lost information easier.
  9. Easily scale your collaboration solution SharePoint suited perfectly for both large and small groups who need the tools and options for collaboration. Remember, your website can grow with you and contain many sub-sites. Which will quickly achieve different goals and share point is the perfect option to complete the demand for scalable collaborative solutions.
  10. An economical solution for the implementation of your applications SharePoint provides a framework for flexible and multi-functional information management and collaboration that are both scalable and customizable, allowing it to match the needs and infrastructure of any business and organization.

Note: Dedicated Server highly recommended for SharePoint 3.0