Which Is Cheaper VPS Hosting Or Shared Hosting?

August 5, 2011 / VPS Hosting

Shared web hosting plan is popular as the cheapest type of web hosting available. But, many people do not understand that this is not a fully true information, as the billing structure and another factors associated with the shared hosting environment can often cause it to be more costly than VPS hosting plans.

VPS hosting is well known as combination of the shared hosting and dedicated hosting environments. VPS hosting permits you cheap access to a server partition that is only utilized by your network of websites at any given time. VPS hosting has many positive points over shared hosting, and in reality, it can practically be cost effective than shared hosting when purchased from certain web hosting providers. The following information outlines the major advantages of VPS hosting over shared hosting, and describe why it is possible to purchase a VPS hosting plan for less than shared hosting plan.

Advantages of VPS Hosting Over Shared Hosting :

VPS hosting stands for Virtual Private Server Hosting. VPS hosting provides much more flexibility, freedom, security and over all control over shared hosting. In case of shared hosting plan, you have to share a single Web server with hundreds of other webmasters at the same time. It can create issues when another websites within your IP range that are hosted on your web server become responsible for nefarious activity. Obviously, there have been many cases in which legitimate websites have been taken off-line for hours or even days at a time because of illicit activities performed by unrelated webmasters on their shared Web server. This danger is totally eliminated with VPS hosting, and the web hosting account owner also has the capability to install new software and web applications on their virtual server. With In case of VPS hosting you mainly get the following points:

  • Security and reliability
  • Customization and Scalability
  • Not a constraint in your growth

Extra Cost Benefits of VPS Hosting Over Shared Hosting :

VPS hosting plans are well known for having less server downtime, and normally permit higher performance than shared hosting plans. That’s why there is a possibility to save money in the long run by canceling out the loss of sales for the slow page loads and server hardware or software problems. VPS hosting plans are more powerful, that means you can boost productivity and enhance the capabilities and functionality of your website through the utilization of proprietary server-side web applications that are specifically designed to automate and simplify administrative works.

So, we can say that shared hosting is cheapest option but if we think about all aspects then we can find that VPS hosting is also a cheaper option. In case of shared hosting cost of hosting plan is very low but there is a there is a chance of loss sales for high page loading time on the other hand the cost of VPS hosting plan is more than shared hosting but there is no chance of loss sales for page loading time. It is also a secure and flexible option over shared hosting.

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