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When Shared Hosting Would Be Suitable For You?

Shared hosting is popular for cheap, economical, and budget hosting. Shared web hosting is a very popular web hosting in the hosting market. Maximum people prefer cheap rates, budget budget-shared hosting for personal and small business websites.
Users share a single physical server and all like its disk space, processing power, RAM, etc. And also the server maintenance cost. So the cost of this hosting is low.

Platforms and Software :
User can choose their preferred operating system Linux or Windows platform with shared hosting. Many websites need one or the other depending on the server technologies utilized to develop the website. Like, ASP.NET is a server-side scripting language that is utilized to develop database-driven websites. MS SQL is a Microsoft database product. If your website has been developed using these then you have to choose Windows hosting because these scripts are not supported by Linux. There are many vital options to develop database-driven sites on Linux, like PHP and MySQL. These are the core of open-source many content management systems like Drupal, Joomla, etc. But before selecting a hosting provider users have to check because all hosting providers don’t provide both platforms.

Is Shared Hosting Worth the Cheap Price?

For a maximum number of people who want to start a small business, shared hosting is appropriate for those people. The costs for VPS hosting or Dedicated hosting are too much for many people. On the other hand shared server is quite acceptable for most people. Shared hosting may not be the best in terms of performance but it is a suitable option that permits people to make a web presence quickly and economically.
There are so many website hosting providers that permit online site builders with hundreds, or even thousands of templates which permit users to create and launch a website with little or no technical knowledge. The vital thing is to select the hosting service that supports the technologies the user or user’s developer will utilize to develop their website. If users want to create the website themselves, then clear the following queries before signing up with a provider:

1. About customer support-related query
2. Do they provide assistance would user require it when building your site with their online site builder?
and also ask any other questions you may have.
Benefits of Shared Web Hosting :
1. The basic and main benefit of shared hosting is its cost-effective character.
2. It is very easy to use.
3. Your website is set up in a very short time.
4. It is a Self-managed hosting plan. User can manage their hosting as per their requirements.

Drawbacks of Shared Web Hosting :
1. Its Performance quality is low.
2. It has a security problem. Less secure
3. Shared IP address- If you wish to install an SSL certificate on your website, you will have to pay extra for a dedicated IP address with your shared hosting account.

So, before you choose your hosting provider you must confirm about your requirements. Once you know about your requirements then it will be very easy to choose the proper hosting plan and hosting provider.

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