What is an ISPConfig?

November 2, 2011 / Control Panels

ISPConfig is an online administration interface to manage the hosting server web services. ISPConfig is a graphical interface to manage web servers, available as an open source. Different levels of hosting companies may offer you this service to manage all the traditional services of a web server such as DNS, domain names, FTP, web server, database, etc…

Here are the features available:

  1. Httpd (virtual hosts, domain and IP based) Apache
  2. FTP – Proftpd and vsftpd
  3. Bind (A, CNAME, MX, and SPF Records)
  4. POP3 Auto-Responder
  5. MySQL client-databases
  6. Webalizer statistics
  7. Hard disk quota
  8. Mail-Quota
  9. Traffic limits
  10. IP-addresses
  11. SSL
  12. Shell-access
  13. Mailscanner (Antivirus)
  14. Firewall – iptables ipchains

If you are considering the ISPConfig admin panel for dedicated server web hosting, then some points you may need to remember.

As a reminder, ispconfig3 is an “interface” to graphically manage your hosting server, including the services that I have mentioned above.

However, there are a few concern issues that go with it, including the fact the version provided is not “up to date”. The other issue inherent in it; ispconfig3 is highly questionable about integrated webmail; (squirellmail). And finally that the default mail this architecture, using the SMTP port 25 instead of 587, is more common today when you have ISPs filter port 25.

Therefore main objectives are:

  1. Update ispconfig3 to its latest version
  2. Squirrel mail was replaced by Round-cube
  3. Change port 25 through port 587 for SMTP service

The following points need to be noted before using this admin panel.

  • Use port 587 instead of port 25
  • Change webmail “squirrelmail” with “roundcube”
  • SSL solves the problem caused by the update
  • Update of ispconfig

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