What are the Technical Security Benefits of Cloud Computing ?

February 25, 2012 / Cloud Hosting
  1. Centralised Data: Cloud Computing allows data to be centralized and to process faster and cheaper when compared to hard disks, backup devices and other storage.
  2. Incident Analyses: In case of analyses of Cloud computing setup on Infrastructure as a Service, you can setup an offline cloud instance and bring it online when required. In cloud computing, you can only pay for the storage which can be used at a later when required. You can clone your cloud servers and make them available as when required. A system which is better than RAID, and can also reduce the downtime. Cloud servers are relatively fast and made faster to replicate the file system. You can also decrease time to access protect documents.
  3. Password breach test: You can use cloud servers for password breach and testing purposes.
  4. Logging : In case of cloud computing, logging is minimal or non-existent. Cloud computing improves log indexing and searches. You can index logs in real-time.
  5. Security Software improvement: The efficiency is improved by security software and all inefficieny process are removed.
  6. Secure cloud builds: When you build cloud, it is important to pre-hardened the security and virtualization advantage is that it hardens the cloud build. It also reduces the time of cloning and patching.
  7. Security test: You can reduce the cost of security testing by hosting on a cloud hosting platform

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