VPS Web Hosting or Dedicated Server Hosting

December 19, 2011 / Dedicated Servers VPS Hosting

If you use shared hosting and your site is getting slower lately especially when you have many visitors, then it’s time for you to upgrade your shared account on VPS hosting or rent a dedicated server. Note: before you upgrade your account, you need to understand what VPS and dedicated hosting is. So you will not make a mistake while upgrading to the service to next level.

Here is a review for each service.

VPS, as the name suggest a server that runs on a virtual environment. While a host server is partitioned and each partition performs a VPS server, this type of accommodation is more powerful than shared hosting because you have more resources that are dedicated to you. VPS acts like a complete server so that you can install OS of your choice and able to install any application that you want.

You must have some technical expertise to use a virtual server because it acts as a real server, you must keep it as a real server too if you need to know how to install the updates, software maintenance and troubleshooting. If maintaining a server is not your expertise do not need to worry because it is a managed service where the VPS hosting provider take care all the server maintenance tasks.

VPS is your choice if your website need more space (Ex. for your high resolution photo collection) and for web developers to host their web projects because VPS can be adjusted to their requirements.

Dedicated Server / Hosting

On dedicated hosting, you rent an entire server for your website and of course this also means that you have a full server capacity that is not shared with anyone. Dedicated server / hosting allow you to set the server according to your requirements such as the operating system, customized applications, etc …

Managed or Unmanaged Dedicated Server Hosting?

The unmanaged service means that after the service installed on your server such as operating system, applications that you requested service provider gives you a way to maintain your server, but you are left alone and responsible for your server. Technical knowledge is a must in this type of service, because you keep your server by yourself. On the other hand, the managed service is where the service provider take care all server maintenance for you, this service is not expensive, even no price difference between these two types. So it is highly recommended for you,

Dedicated Server is advisable for large e-commerce sites and web sites that have a heavy multimedia tasks such as streaming audio and video, these types of sites need more resources and reliability that only a dedicated server can provide.

Note when the performance of your site starts degrading do not take the risk to stay with shared hosting. VPS or Dedicated Box will require more money, but it’s better than losing your visitors and clients. Use a dedicated server if you have a large e-Trade or multimedia websites and use VPS if you need more space than shared account or if you are a web developer and want to host your web projects.


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