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VMware has the new version 5 of the operating system vSphere announced. It serves to increase the performance of applications that increase the availability of virtualized applications and improve automated management. This is a complementary set of cloud-computing software presented and launched an expanding vSphere storage offering for SMEs. On VMware Forum, a lot of clients participated, and the news from VMware and its partners such as HP, IBM, Dell, Cisco, and Fujitsu have been declared.

Many people visited the VMware Forum in 2011. It was timed perfectly. Confident VMware CEO and President Paul Maritz commented the night before the biggest product launch of the VMware 5 version. “It’s the success of VMware, that has established the standard for virtualization infrastructure. Virtualization of hardware under one roof understands detached computer systems. You can use flexible or fixed, assigned hardware resources, they need to accomplish their mission. This leads to greater utilization of computers and up to 80 percent less power consumption.” Maritz was born and raised in South Africa: he adapts to his biography and company image that is simultaneously.

Today, almost 40 to 50 percent of all business applications run on virtual systems. The increased level of virtualization in recent years has created a broad basis for the next evolutionary step, known as cloud computing, which virtualizes the entire computing tasks and multi-use so that the input device is removed. This includes large and small systems, data and programs or pure computing power to be supplied as needed via the Internet or distributed. Cloud computing massively saves hardware and energy costs for electricity and cooling. This reduces the environmental impact but also enables completely new business models. VMware has since its founding in 2003 the task of making the operation of the infrastructure more efficient, cheaper, and more automated. The American company has therefore become with constant innovation for companies with many servers and data centers to the forefront.

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