Virtual Image for Cloud Computing Web Services

April 2, 2012 / Cloud Hosting

The foundation of any cloud computing is virtual image. Many hosting providers and enterprise business have been useind cloud server hosting for quite some time and the technology has been quite successful with storage, applications and hosting. Bad virtual images can increase management issues, decrease agility, and interfere with the benefit of the cloud. You will need a better constructed virtual image to avoid any pitfalls in cloud computing. Some of the signs are :

Any virtualization platform needs a reliable virtual image for an envrionment. A basic virtual image not optimized for new updates and patches cannot be a reliable one. Constant change requires constant update and validation and testing of the image along with customization to match the changes of a virtual environment.

The truth about virtual images is that one size fits all. Few e.g. such as creating administration accounts need to be automated and past of reboot and power shutdown and to be applied and documented. If done in the proper manner, you might end up fixing your virtual environment with many bugs in the cloud computing environment.

No virtual image can know what type of software you would be capturing in it. You virtual image should be flexible for all type of software applications and updated. If it is not updated to be flexible, you might be increasing your cloud costs.

But to the fact as well, it is not possible to develop an end-to-end virtual image and changes are faster than the development of new applications and softwares.

bodHOST utilizes a reliable ready-to-use virtual image behind every cloud environment, private or public cloud computing for every cloud web seerver hosting offerings.

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