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Virtual Dedicated Server

To be able to offer our customers the ultimate hosting solutions, BODHost US Web Hosting service provider turned to virtualization technology one step ahead of others. We now offer scalable virtual dedicated server hosting services.

This service offers the advantages of dedicated server hosting and the flexibility of a virtualized environment: one or more machines are configured upon the same physical infrastructure. Each virtual machine has its own operating system its own processing power, its own memory, and its own dedicated storage.

The physical limits of a server are gone: This hosting type evolves according to physical resources (RAM, hard disk, CPU…).

Your benefits:

  • No investment in hardware;
  • You benefit from the expertise of our engineers in infrastructure virtualization
  • Many options available for hardware and software
  • Flexible service to meet all requirements of hosting infrastructure
  • Possibility to upgrade at will the hardware resources (RAM, hard drive …)
  • Ability to restore your virtual servers easily
  • Instant Set UP
  • Free Migration
  • From just $24.99 – per month already!

If you have any questions: Contact Us at 1800 212 6630 or use the Live Chat option on our website. We will answer your all questions regarding hosting technology quickly.

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