Top 5 Benefits of Email SSL Certificates

March 27, 2020 / SSL

email SSl Certificate

The dawn of the digital era is driving the world on a journey to technological inventions. Technological inventions have not only enhanced business productivity but have also increased the risk of data loss. The hackers are finding new ways to feed on your confidential data.

The hackers are keeping an eye on your email communication to sneak into the confidential data. You never know your email account might be the next target. Email SSL certificates ensure secure email communication.

What is an Email SSL Certificate? 

Email Secure SSL certificates are popularly known as Email Signing SSL certificates. These email SSL certificates are designed to protect and authenticate email transmission. It digitally signs the email ensuring no unauthorized person sneaks into the message to read to edit it.

The email SSL certificate also adds an id to the email notifying that the email has truly come from the specific sender. The email certificates encrypt the email messages and attachments protecting the integrity of the email data while it is transmitted over the internet.

Benefits of Email SSL Certificates

  1. End the Phishing scams Phishing scams are fraudulent attempts to obtain confidential information from the victims. Phishing scams usually trick users to give their personal information. The scammers here use text messages or emails with the aim to acquire confidential information like passwords, account numbers, and other important credentials. Pretending to be the authentic senders, the scammers try to trick you into clicking a link or opening an email attachment. The email SSL certificates identity the senders masked with an authenticated identity protecting you from scams. The SSL certificates track down spam emails by filtering them from the inbox.
  2. Email Encryption: When the sender sends an email over the internet it travels through different mediums before reaching the recipient. There is a high probability of the email message being tampered with. The hacker is continuously spying on your email communication to sneak into it. The message might get tampered and a fake message may reach the recipient. The email SSL certificates encrypt the message converting it to an unreadable form before it is transmitted over the internet. The message looks like a string of characters with no meaning. Even if the hacker gets access to the message, he won’t be able to derive meaning from it. Once the message is reached to the desired recipient, he can read the message decrypting it with a key.
  3. Sender Verification: Sender verification is a technique to check if emails are coming from an intended sender. Sender verification is designed to block spam and allow only genuine emails in the recipient’s inbox. The email SSL certificates digitally sign an email and attach the id to the email. The recipient verifies if the email has come from the authenticated and desired sender using the certificates linked to the email address and identity.
  4. Protect Your Reputation: The email spamming has resulted in confidential information being leaked incurring several losses for organizations. This results in a loss of business relationships and trust among clients. Security is a major concern, every business entity is critical of data loss. Secure your organization emails with Email SSL certificates thus protecting your reputation in the market.


Data security is a major concern in the technologically driven era. Thousands of Email spamming cases are reported every day across the globe. Email SSL certificates digitally sign your emails securing the email communication over the internet. It helps the recipients verify the sender blocking the spam emails with certificates attached to an email. The messages are sent in an encrypted form preventing the tampering of emails.Tes keep your emails secure and the hackers at bay.

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