Server Administration & Control Panels (GNU / Linux)

October 1, 2011 / Control Panels

Even if I do not know what kind of tools require for server management, except when I have been compelled under such developmental learning, I thought it would be interesting to present the information regarding graphical management solutions for GNU / Linux server

When I started using GNU / Linux, my first instinct was to have an admin server (not get familiar so easily, as Windows had years of use). Then I noticed Webmin is a compatible solution, which comes in that category and it is providing great services for a long time.

Anyway, so now we are going to see one by one different solution of GNU/Linux servers for web hosting or simply to the usual administration:

Webmin: Perhaps it is the oldest graphical user interface for server management for GNU/Linux. By this article, you will be surprised that this product still continues to evolve, which is another sign that makes me happy.

However, I was not interested in the interfaces in recent years, but the developmental improvements attracted my attention literally. Webmin also reviewed the interface which is more refined and more to my taste as I remember.

Webmin is really a graphical toolkit to manage your servers. It can manage your servers and services through third-party modules (Apache, Postfix, Bind …)

On the other side, there are some cons as well. No doubt that Webmin is great for server administration and a lot of time I would even argue that it is better than cPanel in that respect. I think Webmin is great for people who need a control panel but don’t want to pay the extra money.

I totally disagree with those people who say that Webmin is not a good control panel for reseller hosting. Probably it does not allow your users to resell what you sell them, but I don’t think many people need that.

As for a normal hosting account, Webmin/Virtualmin allows you to create hosting accounts that do everything cPanel and Plesk do, including all the limits and restrictions.

Although, I don’t think everyone who gets a server intends to sell server resources to others. If they plan on making some extra money, probably they would not mind paying a few extra bucks for cPanel or Plesk.

The end one thing I would like to mention; I have used about every control panel, including cPanel, Plesk, Webmin, etc… and I think Webmin is on par with each one of them, and you can not complain about its being free.

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