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Private Cloud or Public Cloud – Which One is Better?

Private Cloud Computing

Differences Between Private Cloud & Public Cloud

Choosing a private cloud or public cloud is one of the dilemmas that sometimes concern to those responsible for the companies. In terms of performance, both cloud services share almost similar nature, however, distinguish only in their core architecture. According to many IT researchers, analysts and professionals, a public cloud dominates over the private cloud service.

Let’s take a look at both cloud services and their benefits to organizations:

Private Cloud Vs Public Cloud

Private Cloud

Usually, a private cloud service is chosen by the large companies whose concerns are more with the security and management problems. Since, it is accessible and works independently behind a hardware firewall settings, it simply proves that it cannot be accessed from anywhere and at anytime.

Regarding the scalability factor, the private cloud hosting infrastructure provides a fully scalable business environment to organizations. Organizations can expand the cloud environment as per users needs due to the flexibility it offers.

In private cloud service, usually the initial costs are higher, although they can derive significant benefits to companies as the cost gets minimal if used for a longer period of time. Also, the bill is charged on the basis of per GB usage along with bandwidth transfer fees.

Public Cloud

There are many enterprises & organizations which opt for public cloud hosting service, just because they are more acquainted with this kind of services offered by hosting providers and whose platforms are well-known, if not then at least they use it by reference.

Public Cloud architecture is usually built in such a way that the business environment is shared and accessible at anytime and from anywhere through an Internet. The service and resources are shared and utilized respectively via Internet. Even though, it exposes security risks, it is considered as a better solution due to the various benefits.

  • The initial cost for using public cloud is low, however, if the data is stored for a longer duration, you may find it expensive.
  • Since, it is easily accessible from any corner of the world using an internet connection, most of the organizations opt for public cloud solution.
  • The most important factors that makes public cloud computing service more popular are the Availability & Reliability.
  • Users need to pay a monthly bill for using services, from this we can derive a cost optimization without requiring a significant investment.

Well, these were some of the benefits of private and public cloud to SMEs and Organizations. But do you really know, what’s industry opinion about cloud computing and its managed services?

According to many IT professionals and industry Analysts, regardless of both being distinct on various factors, it is very tough to comment the best cloud service. Both the cloud services have similar advantages and disadvantages. However, there are several important factors like access patterns, security, confidentiality, SLAs that needs enhancement, so that it can prove that the cloud technology is much advantageous for establishing businesses in a public or private environment.

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