Let’s Face the Truth

July 20, 2013 / SEO

Let’s face the truth. There are some things in business and even in life where you have got to ask yourself WHY?

If your business not doing well because your keywords rank drops in Google then it means for a long time you didn’t care about plan B and are mostly dependent on search engines. Now your business is sinking and you are trying to figure out how to get back on top.

The bittersweet truth is companies who are running Adwords or similar kinds of campaigns are ranking well. Google is also a company, that wants money, and they are facing strong competition from social media sites like Facebook.

Sometimes I simply do not understand when people say we are losing traffic and rankings since Panda & Penguin updates. Look if your website was good enough and your marketing and branding were strong enough then why would the same users have to use Google results to find your website again?

Maybe you ignored what they actually want or you were receiving massive amounts of useless traffic because of higher rankings in Google or you may simply forget to analyze the services you are offering to the customers.

Now everybody is saying to maintain a good quality of content to rank better in search engines, but ask yourself how many times you have written articles for readers. How many times you have written an article to promote yourself as a knowledgeable person on a specific subject? How many times you have written an article because you really want to share your opinion? How many times you have written anything because you really enjoy writing?

What you need to do is, do some research about your current website issues or find someone that does not declare himself as an SEO expert, then ask him to analyze your website.

Side by side keep creating and promoting good readable content, you will notice much of the SEO takes care of itself and you also learn the technical details of your services along the way. Remember, SEO is only one side of the coin. Traffic is great as long as that traffic converts into revenue. You will still need to build a great website that is able to turn visitors into customers.

And if you forget the existence of search engines and not marketing for them and start promoting your services to the users who are actually in search of something, you will notice businesses can do well without search results. And use social media websites smartly because it is a real place in marketing, at least these days.

Last point – understand the actual meaning of SEO, optimization means optimizing web pages to improve conversions that have been always the real point of SEO as opposed to the rest of all theories.

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