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Kloxo Hosting Control Panel

The control panel provides a complete interface for the website management, various administrative works, including the management of database administration, domain and sub domain, e-mail management and file distribution and more.

Benefits of Kloxo

Kloxo is known to be a control panel, requires very few system resources. LxLabs, its developers says it’s the lightest control panel and generally needs 15 MB of memory. Apart from the extremely light weight and very functional, Kloxo offering a security model level 5 and many advanced features and yet easy to use.

Kloxo main features.

The main features of Kloxo panel can be divided into five categories: general account management, server tools, email management, security and system services.

General Account Management

  • Control domain and sub domain
  • DNS Management Model
  • File Manager on the Web
  • Management and installation of SSL Certificate
  • Resource Management Plan
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Host Access via Secure Shell (SSH)
  • Configuring device driver
  • Resource control
  • Reboot and power control

Server Tools

  • Administration of MySQL and Postgres SQL
  • Add and remove dedicated IP addresses
  • FTP session management
  • Configuring PHP and SuPHP, modPHP
  • PhpMyAdmin Access
  • DNS and Web server applications

E-mail management

  • Ability to create and delete email accounts
  • Web-based interface
  • Access to queue mail
  • Several applications of spam filter


  • SSH configuration
  • Ability to block and remove hosts
  • Enforcement watchdog over FTP, e-mail and Web-server
  • Control brute force attacks through LxGuard

System services

  • Menu status for the server process
  • Server Status Menu
  • Menu in the status of server components
  • HTTP, mail, and MySQL
  • Cron-job and task scheduler
  • InstallApp

One of the most popular features of Kloxo is InstallApp, which is known as an integrated unit. This tool is very similar to the application that comes with cPanel Fantastico. The big difference is that InstallApp offers over 130 add on programs. Some of the software in the menu are blogs, forums, ports, applications, and more. InstallApp, these programs can be created with ease, because it automatically creates a database and the configuration of the selected application.

Here is the list of more features:

* Distributed Architecture
* Ability to move applications from one server to another on the fly
* IDS (Intrusion Detection System)
* Backup and Restore
* Mail server
* Webmail, answering machine …
* Statistics (web, bandwidth …)
* Installer applications (125 applications possible)
* Management of domain names
* Management of databases
* Incident Management System (ticketing)

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