Is Cheap Hosting Really Possible?

August 5, 2011 / Web Hosting

Cheap hosting, these words mean that low cost hosting which is mainly for those people who cannot afford much more cost for hosting. So, cheap hosting is suitable for them who want to make a online presence for their small or new business. But many individuals say that since you pay small amount for this type of service, you end up getting smaller amount of services and, in order to get more services, the hosting providers start charging you more. Therefore, cheap hosting no longer stays as cheap hosting or if the hosting provider does not charge you then they do not give you quality services. So, either way, the customer is the loser.

Normally happens with a cheap hosting :

  1. Overloaded servers :
    In this hosting plan many websites are hosted in a single physical server. Many hosting providers keep a lot of web sites in a single server. So the server gets overloaded as a result the website gets slow.
  2. Bad neighbor effect :
    In this hosting, if anyone’s site is hacked then the neighboring sites are also affected. Even though the users are not at fault, still they have to deal with that problem. This means any user is not only responsible for the working of their server, also the others with whom user is sharing the server. If one site is hacked then the whole server stops running thereby affecting the business of the others too.
  3. Bad Support :
    Since hosting providers have a lot of customers on a single server, that too who are paying less, it takes a lot of time and effort to fix every customer’s issue. If one server goes wrong then all the others are affected too, who are on the same server, so every one of them would ask for support for the common issue, so it becomes a big issue for the hosting company because it gets requests from a lot of clients for the same issue. Therefore, it sometimes leads to bad support.

These are some disadvantages of cheap hosting which you have to know before selecting this hosting. But also some advantages are there. If user selects any reputed and experienced hosting provider then they don’t face such kind of issue. Any user cannot say that cheap hosting would cause only problems for themselves.

Users can make their online presence or create website very smoothly. Users just start their business and have a minimum budget to pay for this service then they would really go for this hosting plan as it would not only guide you in setting up your business online but will also not cost you much. It is not correct that all the hosting providers treat their customers badly, if you can choose good hosting provider then they will give you good support even if you have taken the lowest plan.

There are many website hosting providers who offer their user 99% uptime guarantee, 30 days money back guarantee, 24*7*365 support by live chat, phone.

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