How To Make Assessment of Web Hosting Providers?

July 12, 2011 / Web Hosting

To choose the best of anything, you should seek the views of someone who knows the subject and has practiced. So to compare Web Hosting, we listen to someone with a background in web hosting.

Here are the key areas to consider:

  • Support
  • Resource Allocation
  • Website Features
  • Value for money

Web Hosting Support: One of the key areas for analyzing web hosting is the support area. Good support is critical if you want your website to succeed. Not because the provider offers it freely, but for when you want your site to do something and need help to do so.

Resource Allocation: A website mainly requires two resources to operate. Disk space and bandwidth. Disk space is the space required to store the files on your hosting account. It is easier to calculate because you can work with the size of the file that is uploaded. The bandwidth is a monthly allowance of transfer space. In other words, when your site is being used, it is the time your server performs while the information is transferred.


Website Features: The website features can be divided into two categories when comparing web hosting. One is the hardware that is used for the server that will host your site. You want your site to be reliable, and of course a superior hardware help.

The second category is the ability of software such as scripts. As time passes you may want to improve your site with the use of scripts like cgi and php, so it is important to compare the Internet servers, see if you can run CGI and PHP scripts.

Value for money: At the end of the day, the price – quality when comparing the websites is a balance of all this against the amount charged for the services offered. This is often a matter of personal opinion, based on their own needs.

So what are the best options when you ask a salesperson of web host to compare hosting providers? Make all above points as an assessment of web hosting.


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