How to Design Your Own Online Store?

July 23, 2011 / Web Hosting

Creating an online website can sometimes feel time-consuming. This is particularly true for those seeking to create an online store. While selling products online, you need to take extra care of details such as product images and descriptions. Customers won’t touch products if you have a good image with a full description. Online business utterly depends on high-quality images and good-written product descriptions. Those who want to sell their products from their own online store should ask their web host about a shopping cart script, then get images from the product manufacturer and hire a content writer to write the product description if you have good writing skills, then you can also write a description and there is no need to write a thesis type content; just explain the feature of your product in brief.

Ask your web host about having a shopping cart script installed; if it hasn’t been installed already, then you need to install it. Remember that some shopping cart software requires a license, however, there are many open-source applications available in the market. But before going to use any open source platform you need to ensure it is not storing or transmitting credit card information to payment gateways, because this may violate PCI compliance.

Choose a niche or a brand of product you would like to display in your store. For instance, if you want to sell car accessories and other stuff, you might want to look into selling products for cars bikes, etc.

Establish your store so that has an easy-to-use navigation either in the sidebar area or in a menu just below the header of your website. Use decent categories in your navigation menu such as different auto spare parts made by your chosen company, as well as specifications and features.

Ask the product manufacturer for images, Mostly, manufacturers have already taken a lot of images of their products, but remember that some companies will allow you to use their images to represent their products only. If the products are ones you have made on your own, you can take quality images by using a digital camera.

Hire a content writer to write the product descriptions for you. Make sure the descriptions describe the product and tell your readers why they should purchase them. Explain what makes that product so good to use or unique to behold, as this will give visitors a reason to make a purchase.

Include a return policy on your website so clients know how much time they have to return a product either for store credit or a full refund. Add a way for customers to contact you on this same page if they have any questions.

Include a money-back guarantee on your website so customers know how much time they have to return a product in case of dissatisfaction, but make sure you explain TOS descriptively. Also, add ways for customers to contact you through the website if they have any questions regarding your services.

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