How To Create An Effective Content Strategy To Grow Your Brand

June 9, 2021 / Business tips

content strategy

Content marketing is the perfect way for businesses all around the world to grow their business at an exponential speed. You can slowly and steadily build and boost your brand’s reputation online by providing your users with content that is both beneficial and relevant. However, content marketing is not just putting out content, there has to be a strategy in place to bring in an audience and engage with them to propel them towards the consumer action you desire.

What is content strategy?

A content strategy includes using content as the main tool to help you attain all the goals of your business. If the goal you have set includes boosting the image of your brand and making more people aware of it, to bring in more customers, you will have to build an SEO driven strategy that helps your website rank higher in the SERPs and directs more users to the services you provide.

Business owners that are new to this side of conducting business on the web could be pulled into believing that a strategy is optional. However, building a brand, along with a customer base takes time and a long term plan to succeed. By taking the measures provided below you can form a strong content marketing strategy for your online business.

Figure out your goals

The main focus of your content marketing should be to figure out where, what and how, but to pinpoint the reason why you are doing it. What is the aim of indulging in content marketing? Is it to attract more people to your website? Form a loyal customer base? 

It doesn’t matter the goals you have set, it is just important to be aware and clear about them so you can build your strategy accordingly. They also need to be long term goals that can adapt to the changing trends and help achieve all the goals that are set for the distant future. If you want to achieve clarity in your goals, you need to minimise them to five or fewer goals at any given time. Write them down, so you can visualise them better. Your content needs to be a means to achieve your ultimate goal.

Find your target audience

Figure out which audience you want to target and find out all you can about them. You can make your choice depending on the product or service you sell that you find will attract a particular group the most. So it can be a target audience of a certain country, or age, or profession, etc. You need to map out how much time they spend on the internet, which sites they most often visit, how much money they spend online on which commodities, and how you can provide solutions to the issues they face. 

You need to build a blueprint of how they go from discovering a product, wondering if they should buy it, and finally making the jump. This blueprint will help you strategise your content to fit their behaviour patterns in a way that you can have repeat customers.

Decide the kind of content you need to make

There are many types of content that you can make. You need to decide the ones that will appeal to your customer base and bring them in. For example, the type of content that a teenager consumes is definitely different from a person in their 50s. Even the platform they consume it on might be different. So you need to take your target audience into consideration while making this decision.

Pick the channel of your content carefully

Your content creation is done in various formats that are compatible with certain channels. For example, you can have videos up on your blogs, but when consumers want to watch videos they primarily think of platforms like YouTube. So the choice of channel is crucial. These channels could include social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, or various other websites and blogs.

Quality content over quantity 

When content creation is thought of, people usually believe the more the better. However, considering the sheer amount of content that is already out there and is being put out every day, if your focus is on quantity, it’s going to get lost in the online content heap. If you already have olent of content created, the focus shouldn’t be creating more but on refreshing it and marketing it right. 

Refresh your content and use it again

You can bring life to your jaded content by refreshing it. You could take a dated piece and add more relevant up to date information to it, or add an eye-catching infographic, or publish it once again so that it is in the spotlight again.

User-generated content

You can use your audience to create content. You can gain insights into their latest trends or topics that are in the spotlight. You can also hire people who fit into your target audience to further tailor your content perfectly.


You can take a large chunk of content and divide it into smaller chunks that are easier to consume. This helps with refreshing your content as well. You can mismatch these chunks to form newer kinds of content and refurbish it.


Building a strategy is the most crucial aspect of growing your brand. It has various elements that you need to take into consideration and follow. Finding your target audience and building your strategy around it is the core of any online business. In fact, you can take the help of your managed web hosting provider to implement these strategies by providing the perfect resources to build this foundation and grow from there.

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