COVID-19 Guide: How to Celebrate Easter while Working from Home

April 7, 2020 / General Discussion Technology Web Hosting

Easter celebration from home

The world is under a major lockdown dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. With a tragic loss of life, COVID-19 has shaken the business world with its threatening impact shutting the doors of organizations. Countries across the globe have issued shelter-in-place orders, closed businesses, and canceled school until mid-April at the earliest.

Happy Easter 2020 to you all! Easter falls on Sunday, April 12 this year. Easter popularly titled as Resurrection Sunday, is a holy festival for Christians across the globe. They believe Jesus rose to defeat evil forever on the third day after his burial. It is the best time of the year to celebrate life, have family meals, and complement the love of your dear ones.

Easter celebrations seem impossible in 2020 with this life-threatening impact of COVID-19. In the midst of a global coronavirus pandemic, with all of us adjusting to distance learning while working from home – let’s make our Easter celebrations more interesting. Driving you online where your friends, families, and customers are spending most of their time, let’s prep for Easter celebrations while we continue working from home.

Here are a few ideas to make your Easter celebrations more interesting:

  1. Create Excitement: Easter preparations started a month ago last year. Earlier Easter celebrations were a combination of lot of exciting and fun-filled elements like family trips, interesting ideas to decorate home and church, Family meals, contests, and much more. In addition, the TV commercials proactively reminded us of Easter being around the corner! But, due to this major lockdown, the level of enthusiasm seems to be lowered. Only a few days to go for Easter 2020 and the preparations are yet to begin. Since people are working from home, every day seems to be normal with no festive enthusiasm. This year’s Easter celebrations will slightly differ from the ones we had a year ago. As we plan to celebrate Easter with our families remaining indoors for their safety, draw inspiration from old family pictures to keep them in high spirits.  Motivate them to hunt for some innovative ideas to make Easter 2020 a memorable one. If you are working from home and spending quality time with your family, make sure your online presence is encouraging your loved ones to stay away from you to celebrate Easter.
  2. Decorate Your At-Home Workplace: We all are aware, Easter and DIYs go together like Peeps and jellybeans. Dyeing eggs has been an important part of Easter crafts and celebrations. Have you got your eggs in the basket before lockdown? If yes, let us pull out our DIY craft kit to decorate our at-home workplace for this exciting spring holiday. This small initiative will add life to your working environment which might seem serious with social distancing. Placing the Easter decoration behind you during an online meeting for your teammates to notice, will initiate light-hearted conversations to make working remotely a bit more interesting. If you don’t have eggs at home, you can keep it simple with some Easter funny quotes written on the walls decorating your at-home workplace.
  3. Add an Easter Themed Section on Your Website: To increase the reach of your website, it is important to have engaging content that connects to the customers. Online shopping stores gain momentum across a wide range of customers during Easter with their gamification strategy.  This has become a trend to garner customer appreciation and you should ride this wave too. As you work from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic during Easter, try to connect to your customers with some engaging Easter-related content. This is a good initiative to encourage customers to spend some time on your website. You can host some contests or post blogs related to Easter.
  4. Host an Online Cooking show or Easter Egg Hunt: Encourage your customers to enthusiastically participate in the Easter contests during the COVID-19 lockdown. Drive your website with fun-filled contests and cooking shows promising the winners to deliver exciting prizes once the lockdown window is closed. 2020 is the year to modernize your website. Host a cooking show and encourage your extended families to join in for some fun. The egg hunt and cooking show will garner some pleasant memories to hold on.

Wrap UP

Easter 2020 celebrations are most likely to be behind the shut doors of our homes. As the business world suffers COVID-19 pandemic and we all continue working from home, Easter 2020 celebration ought to be more interesting. The article has some brilliant ideas to celebrate Easter while working from home ensuring the safety of our loved ones. Happy Easter! Stay Home, Stay Safe!

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