How to Boost Website Domain Authority and Improve Ranking

September 14, 2021 / Domain

Your website’s domain authority is based on a score that ranges somewhere between 0 to 100. It gives you an estimate of how well your website will perform on search engine rankings. It is not similar to Google’s ranking score which can have a direct effect on your ranking position. Several companies operating with similar systems including Moz attempt to imitate the Google ranking algorithm by detecting the factors that could affect rankings and provide comprehensive data to domains that can be used to compare.

The DA is based on the data Moz receives about your website. It might, however, not be as accurate as the information Google has about your website. A low DA domain can rank higher on Google.

How to check domain authority?

Domain authority might seem like a complex process in the beginning. However, getting to know the DA scores of your website is completely simple. All you have to do is follow the steps given below.

  1. Open free of cost Link Explorer tool by Moz. 
  2. In the search bar located at the top, insert your URL.
  3. You can either sign up for a Moz account without any additional charges, or you can log in if you also have an account.
  4. Go through the data presented by Moz.

The domain authority metric was made by Moz, and several new versions have been introduced by other SEO tools. For example, Site Explorer has been created by Majestic and Domain Reading by Ahrefs. You can employ these tools if they are more compatible with your needs.

  1. Get more high-authority links Links from sites and pages that are considered high authority hold a lot of ranking power that has a huge impact on page authority, as well as domain authority. High authority links are not only great for DA but also have several other benefits. The higher the number of these links that you have from reputed websites, the more authority it lends to your own.
  2. Optimize Your On-Page Content SEO is an important element that influences your domain authority along with your Google search engine ranking. Hence, you should ensure that every on-page code is optimized. This should also include the main content, image alt tags, and title tags. You can create attractive content by using undefined, italics, and bold to help the reader process the information better. Your registered domain name could also be selected based on better retention for the users. The easier the user remembers your domain name, the simpler he/she will find searching their way back to your website. Moreover, you could also add different versions of your keywords, as well as make a sidebar section for all the recent posts that you add to your website.
  3. Remove Bad And Toxic Links You should schedule some time every month to check your entire link profile and find any backlinks that have turned toxic or bad. This will help you get rid of links that are from sources that are not optimal which could result in your domain authority being brought into question, instead of boosting it. You should also get rid of any links that you have on your website that could possibly lead to dangerous sites or are broken since this could happen to your DA.
  4. Boost Your Social Presence There are several elements that both Moz and Google take into consideration while addressing your page and domain authority, such as shares, likes, and retweets of your content. The ranking factors are not as influential as other high-profile things such as backlinks and content creation, but it does make a difference. Hence, if your goal is to rapidly manage to change your domain authority score, you might want to invest some time into perfecting this. Figure out different ways to boost your social proof on the content that you create since this will increase the amount of traffic directed at your site, as well as your authority score. Your website will benefit from this. Ensure that you share infographics, blöd parts, and lead magnets that include various attractive information about why users would benefit from clicking and reading it, instead of merely putting together a title and calling it a day. Your users must understand the value of your website at first glance, which could lead to better engagement with your posts and more actions.


The way you decide to build your website will finally determine how high up your website ranks. More often than not, the DA scores are quite accurate and work as a fantastic diagnostic tool that helps assess the strength, reliability, and trustworthiness of your website. To boost it, you could put into action all of the tips mentioned above.

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