How Small Businesses Can Benefit From The Cloud Technology?

May 24, 2013 / Cloud Hosting

cloud hosting

The cloud hosting platform is a popular one and it enables utilization of the cloud services through the internet. With cloud based hosting, instead of installing the software applications on the local workstations, you can utilize the resources to store and process the business data on the remote cloud servers. In simple words, when you conduct ‘business in the cloud’, your data is accessible over the internet through any computer connected to the network. Thereby, business can function from any part of the world. Cloud server hosting is also a crucial aspect when it comes to organizing the IT space.

This is the era of cloud computing where everyone is utilizing this amazing technology to bring about business effectiveness. It is obvious that the large and complicated businesses opt for cloud hosting; however, in case of the small businesses it still remains an open question – Whether they should opt for cloud hosting or not. Is it realistic to adopt cloud hosting when the business is small?

Here is an insight on some major factors that make cloud hosting an important investment for the small businesses:

Less Overhead Costs

With a cloud hosting platform, you don’t have to worry about setting up your own IT infrastructure. The required infrastructure is already available with the web hosting company that provides you with the cloud hosting services. It is the web hosting service provider who is responsible for the uninterrupted and efficient services to support the business functions. This enables you to dedicated time on the important business processes.

Less Initial Cost

Instead of purchasing the new software, all you have to do is rent it from the web hosting company. Also, you don’t have to put in a lot of time in thinking about updating the software applications. You will always get the access to the latest versions of the software applications.

Easy Interaction

Through the cloud technology, your communication with customers, partners and employees is simplified. For instance, instead of sending mass emails, presentations, calculation tables, statistics etc. All you have to do is provide with the access of the respective web pages to the interested people and the documents can be updated online. A perfect example of this – Google Docs.

Maximum Mobility

As your important business data and software applications are located in the cloud, you can work from any corner of the world as there is an access to the network.

Better Security

Through the cloud technology, your data gets better protection against the viruses and the malicious attacks. The web hosting companies that provide with cloud services have an ideal infrastructure that is updated regularly to provide with the best of security measures. As the best in class security measures are provided, you don’t have to worry about making any additional expenditure for security purposes.

The Greatest Advantage – Cloud Hosting Provides Your Business With Better Reach

With the cloud technology, your website applications are easily available through a web browser or through a mobile application. Many small business owners who have been using cloud hosting are of the opinion that they have saved a great deal of time in terms of updating their website. The cloud technology facilitates an efficient business model. Applications hosted on the cloud platform run faster and can be managed easily with less possibilities of a downtime. Whether it’s a small business or large, any downtime can have a direct negative impact on the business, therefore it is always better to opt for the best when it comes to your business website.

Some key aspects that are worth considering while selecting cloud services in order to get the maximum benefits:


Compatibility is an important factor for the cloud applications that you plan to use. It is crucial to have standardized systems for exchange and interaction. For instance, the document format of the accounting software utilized must be compatible with the other business applications used for the daily work.


In order to utilize the cloud technology in the best possible way, it is important to select a good web hosting company. Make sure that you do some research before signing up for a cloud hosting package. The most important aspect is the technical support offered. If there is any issue, then a prompt support is required in order to ensure the smooth functioning of the business.

Summing Up:

The transition to a new technology is not an easy task however it is worth it. Even though opting for a cloud hosting platform might look like a huge step for a small business, it is a complete value for money because of the resources provided. Moreover, the best attribute of cloud technology is that it perfectly supports business expansion and while the business grows, optimum hosting resources will be available to support the growth.

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