How much space and bandwidth you need for your website?

July 18, 2011 / Web Hosting

The bandwidth you need for your website depends on different factors such as the purpose of your website, your business goals, what type of users are going and the design of your website.

For example, a static website with no animation or interaction of the user may require less bandwidth for a site that has audio and video files.

Experts suggest that a website with ten pages of static text or images is about six needs about 2 MB. In addition, the amount of data transfer through the web site also determines the bandwidth and the transfer of more and more frequent data which means you need more bandwidth.

Some points you should consider are:

  1. The hosting provider must be technically equipped to provide good data transfer speed and bandwidth required. If not, the data transfer rate will be low when multiple users have access to the same section of the website at the same time.
  2. The best option is to have a simple website unless your business needs to be more striking. A site too flashy and loaded with many flyers or animations do not necessarily invites more visitors, and gives value to your business. Use features such as interactive user only if your business model is what you need, because it increases the cost, maintenance and performance. It can often negatively affect their business if the user is to wait a few minutes for a contact form.
  3. The technical design is important to help reduce the requirement for bandwidth. For example, use the appropriate image size and image file types.

After considering all these factors, if you are unsure of how much bandwidth your site needs, go with a provider of web hosting services, talk about all the requirements, design and objectives of your business, and look for a suggestions on the best web hosting plan available.

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