How Does Cloud Hosting Compare to Dedicated Hosting?

June 25, 2012 / Cloud Hosting

Features of Cloud bod Hosting

With many large corporations predicting that they will exhaust their data center capacity and IT infrastructures in the near future, the cloud is seen as being the answer to this by providing one centralized infrastructure from which corporate applications can be served globally. It is believed that the need for corporate data centers will begin to diminish over the next several years as many larger enterprises look to specialist infrastructure companies to aid them with their cloud designs so that the highest levels of performance and stability can be achieved.

Bodhost is able to offer enterprise public cloud solutions and private cloud solutions for corporations that wish to have their own cloud that isn’t shared with other users. There is often a lot of controversy as to whether a business should be choosing a shared cloud solution or a private cloud solution.

With Bodhost’s enterprise cloud solution being a shared cloud option, you can expect the following benefits from using this as your hosting choice:

  • The shared cloud will be used by other users, but each user will have their own virtual machines each of which will represent an individual dedicated environment meaning that performance issues with one virtual machine will not affect the performance of another
  • The shared cloud design enables Bodhost to offer cloud hosting at a competitive rate without the need to compromise on the service that is offered; if you find yourself in a position where you require additional resources, these can be quite easily allocated to your virtual machines in a shared cloud once you have placed the order
  • The Bodhost enterprise cloud has redundancy built into its core to guarantee that there will always be additional capacity available to customers when it is needed; redundancy in the cloud is a necessity if the uptime guarantee of 100% is to be met without issue.

A private cloud is a choice that will require a large budget and so is only aimed at larger corporations where the migration of dedicated servers to the cloud may be necessary. A business may wish to use a private cloud for the following reasons:

  • Larger corporations often have their own dedicated servers and on-site servers which they may wish to consolidate into their own cloud solution as a way of saving money
  • Although you will have your own virtual machines in a shared cloud, quite often it is important for multi-national enterprises to have control of their entire web hosting experience which is where the need for access to the entire cloud and internal network will be of use
  • A private cloud is a much more scalable solution for business applications where demand is going to be ever-growing and there is going to be a distinct need for additional storage and resources at short notice because even though a shared cloud can be scalable, this is often only suiting for single virtual machines where the demand placed on a single website may increase.

Features of Dedicated Hosting

Bodhost offers a range of managed dedicated servers, which are designed to provide a solution for situations where specific hardware configurations are necessary in order for businesses to have their hosting needs fulfilled entirely. A 99.95 uptime SLA (Service Level Agreement) is provided as standards so that our customers are assured of the service that we will offer, along with full support so that enquiries and issues can be dealt with as they are raised.

Dedicated servers are physical servers that you can access remotely so that you are able to manage your server as you would do if you were sat directly next to it; with dedicated hosting the main emphasis is always put on allowing you to customize your web hosting environment with the services that your website requires in order to function correctly. As a Linux dedicated server user, remote access will be provided through SSH; Windows dedicated server customers can access their servers through the Remote Desktop application that is available for Mac and Windows desktop computers.

You should opt for a fully managed dedicated server from Bodhost for the following benefits:

  • No setup fees mean that you only have to pay for the server itself and the service that you receive; we believe that we should help our customers where possible to better their web hosting experience, which is why we setup all dedicated servers for free
  • Our support team is available 24×7 through telephone, email or the Live Chat option on our website so that we can guarantee the uptime level of 99.95% will be met every month because the availability of a professional support team around the clock means that your issues can be fixed as they arise
  • Custom hardware configurations are available so that you are able to put together a hosting package that is just what you are looking for so that your website will have the resources it requires to serve content to visitors without facing any performance issues.

Cloud Hosting vs. Dedicated Hosting Comparison

There are several comparisons that can be drawn between dedicated hosting and cloud hosting, specifically with the environments that are offered and the price that you are going to pay for each option. Although a cloud hosting plan can offer you a dedicated hosting environment, this is often in the form of a virtual machine which will obviously have its limitations hardware-wise when compared to a dedicated server; however, a virtual machine in the cloud is going to be far cheaper than a dedicated server of a similar specification.

A dedicated server and a cloud hosting plan also have similar uptime guarantees, with a cloud VM being offered with a 100% uptime SLA and a dedicated server with a 99.95% uptime SLA. The cloud will have a far greater level of redundancy built into it than a dedicated server, therefore meaning that the uptime SLA of a cloud VM will be far easier to attain than that of a dedicated server since a single server will have no backup options if it crashes, unless it is mirrored.

Bodhost appreciates that larger businesses will have a distinct need for custom configurations in order for their web applications to function effectively, with this being the main driving force behind managed dedicated servers. Unless you require a custom hardware configuration, a Bodhost enterprise cloud plan will be more suiting to your needs than a dedicated server.

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