Hosting an AutoDJ Software for SHOUTcast Servers on Dedicated Server

June 1, 2013 / Dedicated Servers

What is AutoDJ?

The AutoDJ often known as a Content Delivery System which is used for SHOUTcast servers, allows you to have your Internet Radio Online 24 hours a day without the need for a speaker constantly making issue. This way, your radio will be available for listeners when the other radio broadcasters are not transmitting live music.

The operation of this system is pretty basic, so it will certainly be clarified with your explanation.

When you subscribe to their service, you will receive an email with all the details required to configure and start broadcasting its radio online. You will also receive the access to the data of the FTP server so you can send music to your dedicated server to use the same with AutoDJ.

The AutoDJ will work as a playback system of on-demand content. Once you send the songs to the server, you can set playlists of songs that later it will be automatically streamed by AutoDJ software to the server of your radio so that listeners of this radio will continue to listen music in the absence of a DJ, announcer or even if you switch off your PC overnight.

At any time you can activate and deactivate the AutoDJ through the control panel to perform broadcast in real time via your computer.

Since, the SHOUTcast software function is to stream media files over the Internet, it consumes huge resources, hence the best suitable and preferred solution for hosting a SHOUTcast software would be a high-end dedicated server or the auto-scalable cloud server.

With a dedicated server hosting solution, you will get dedicated resources which will meet your requirements, but you will be charged for the whole server resources whether use it or not. Whereas, if you choose the auto-scalable cloud server to host SHOUTcast, you can scale the RAM up to 64GB and other resources as per your requirements and you will charged only for what you use.

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