Dedicated Servers

Here’s Why Investing in Dedicated Servers is a Great Option

Investing in Dedicated Server

Initially, when you start your business and build your website you need a trusted hosting provider that can offer you shared hosting to match all the business requirements that you have. But, with time as your business continues to grow, you need to have a number of dedicated resources that are capable enough to catch up with the rising traffic on your website. A dedicated resource in web hosting is mostly referred to as a dedicated server.

As a business owner, you must have thought once about why do I need dedicated servers and whether I should invest in these or not. Well, the first part of your question, i.e. the need for dedicated servers I have explained in the opening paragraph. Coming to the second part, i.e. investing in dedicated servers, I’ll explain in this article. Before moving to the investment reasons for dedicated servers, let’s understand what exactly are dedicated servers in detail.

What Are Dedicated Servers?

A dedicated server is used for defining a remote server that is completely dedicated to an individual, business organization, or application. It is deployed, hosted, and managed using a hosting or managed service provider. A dedicated server remains confined only to a single user and there is no sharing with any other customer, service, or applications.

There will be no two customers that are going to share the same hosting resources like- RAM, Disk Space, and Bandwidth to name a few. When you go for a managed service provider it ensures you that get 100% uptime and your business remains secure and unhindered from all sorts of disturbances & failures.

Today, most mission-critical applications have also deployed the use of dedicated servers that are backed by robust, sophisticated, and powerful infrastructures housing data centers. These data centers are usually placed apart from the computer servers in an office setup.

However, the costs related to dedicated servers will directly vary per the infrastructure deployed by your hosting provider.

Investing in Dedicated Servers: Reasons

Reason #1- Resources Are Dedicated:

As I have stated before, with a dedicated server you get dedicated resources for running your website/application. You don’t need to share any of these with anyone else, ensuring you to have a complete command of your resource network. You can administer how your resources are to be distributed and what are how you’re going to use them.

You don’t need to be worried about issues like bandwidth usage limitations or servers going with speed to name a few. Needless to say again, dedicated servers ensure you have an unhindered business delivery with no failures and downtimes.

Reason #2- Enhanced Security:

Another reason why you should choose dedicated servers is the degree of security that you get. Dedicated server hosting has much better security levels than shared hosting. As you’re not going to share any server space with other websites, you don’t need to worry anything about your data being affected by the performance of other websites present on the server.

This hosting option is extremely useful if you handle sensitive information. These servers have strong and secure mechanisms against all types of cyberattacks. If needed, you can even install firewalls to cater to your security needs.

Reason #3- Better Performance Levels:

All the resources present in a dedicated server are always available for running your website or application. When you have all the resources available at all times naturally you get better performance and it is not at all hindered by traffic on other websites. With dedicated server hosting, you get high processing powers for scaling up your business whenever required.

Reason #4- Full Access and Control:

When you decide to go for a dedicated server, you get complete control of the root access of the server on which you are hosted. This is very helpful for you as you can install any application and software that you feel are necessary to run your business. You even get the authority to access the server in the way you want to.

It can be done by customizing your hardware, setting up firewalls, or even enhancing security levels. As these software and applications are completely owned and used by you, you can add/remove them at any time as your business demands.

Reason #5- Great Option for SEO:

Today, Google has considered loading speed as one of the major factors to determine the rank of a website in its search results. So, when you go for dedicated server hosting, it offers you faster loading speeds. Another reason why dedicated servers work well with SEO is that you get a unique IP address not being shared with other websites present on the same server.

In case of any other hosting service, if websites present on the server are found to be false and ingenuine, then their rankings get hampered. But, as you get a unique IP address with dedicated hosting, there is absolutely no chance that your website’s ranking will be hampered. After all, having a good rank in Google SERPs helps in enhancing your overall website SEO.

Reason #6- Zero Additional Costs:

With dedicated server hosting, there is no need for any kind of virtualization, hardware costs or even management of servers. Owing to these reasons, dedicated servers become one of the most affordable hosting options available in the hosting arena. The functionalities along with the overall procedure present in the dedicated hosting make it less complex when compared to shared hosting. The reduced complexity in the procedure followed by dedicated hosting helps you to cut down on bearing any additional costs.

Concluding Remarks

Well, after going through the article, I hope that I have answered the second part of your question. Crediting to the above-stated reasons, you can also go for investing in a dedicated hosting service with a trusted hosting provider like bodHOST.

If you’re looking to invest in managed dedicated servers, then feel free to reach out to our team of dedicated and proactive technicians who’re they to assist you 24x7x365.

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