Four Important Firefox Plugins

October 21, 2011 / Web Hosting

There are present many Firefox Plugins, but some of them are very important.

  1. Google Toolbar :
    Google toolbar is a very popular toolbar on internet. users can find out the page rank instantly with the visited site. users can utilize this toolbar to mark the keywords of research carried out, it is easier to check which one seeks in a page thereafter. The only disadvantage is that it occupies a space on the top of the browser.

  2. Download Helper :
    Like its name, this plugin enables you to download videos from popular video sites like YouTube, Daily motion and a lot many others. This little icon is next to the address bar and whenever users go to a website where there is a flash video “recognized” by the plugins, it also provides a small menu via the download.

  3. Ad-block Plugin :
    This plugin permits the users to hide all advertisements appearing on websites. It is very easy to use and is very discreet, it appears as an icon in the upper right corner of Firefox. You can customize it, creating filters.

  4. Image-Zoom:
    It is a small plugin which permit users to enlarge or shrink the image in a web page. There are many people who want to zoom in on the image, this plugin is suitable for them. You can see on the above screenshot that a new menu is displayed whenever user right clicks on an image So, user can decide a size as a percentage.


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