Determining Why Windows Shared Hosting is Perfect for You

December 1, 2020 / Shared hosting

windows shared hosting

Every business demands for a different form of web hosting that is suited to address their growing needs. When we talk about smaller websites, Windows shared hosting can be a great option to consider. In this post dedicated mainly to Windows shared hosting, we’ll see why it is the most appropriate choice and what you need to presume when selecting a Windows shared hosting package.

Windows Shared Hosting- The Right Choice?

Users who are new to web hosting often decide to go for Windows hosting with the apprehension that they are already using on their personal systems, they are familiar with its working. When we talk about hosting a website, the hosting type is not related to personal preference regarding the operating system. It is the compatibility of the software with the software being used for creating the website. Some website software works well with Linux only, while some may work perfectly with Windows. However, some software like WordPress that tends to work well with both. The user always has the option to choose which can be more suitable for his website.

Windows or Linux Hosting?

Windows has always undoubtedly been the most popular operating system for systems. When it comes to web hosting, Linux is the more dominant one. The key reason supporting Linux’ dominance is due to the fact that it is open-source as well as free, making it possible for several website software to run on it. CMS applications such as Drupal, Joomla are used to build a website and support them; users need Linux hosting. WordPress has been hosting nearly about 1/3rd of websites globally and can be used with both. Most users often go for Linux hosting as WordPress is native to it, and the online help base is quite large for WordPress-Linux users.

On the other hand, users can opt for Windows if they tend to run Windows technologies by including it as a part of hosting. This includes everything within the .NET framework. Additionally, Windows shared hosting if the user wishes his website to use MS Exchange, SharePoint, and MS SQL.

Should I Go for Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting, be it Windows or Linux, depicts an entry-level web hosting solution that has been especially for smaller websites with limited resources. Shared hosting can be ideal for small businesses, being the least expensive web hosting form.

Shared hosting works when multiple user accounts are hosted on a single web server. These users will be assigned a fixed amount of storage space resources such as CPU and RAM. The fixed amount of resources makes this form of hosting an affordable option.

Shared hosting also does come with certain setbacks. As users share the server, they use the operating system and server configuration of the provider. This results in users not able to optimize the server for their purposes. Also, to avoid individual users hogging the servers, users are restricted from deploying resource-extensive applications. Those users looking for additional resources can move to other hosting forms like VPS, Dedicated Server, or even Cloud Hosting.

What to Look in Windows Shared Hosting Plan?

Every website has its own set of needs; there are specific fixed characteristics that you should not miss in your Windows-shared hosting. The first not-to-miss characteristic is being able to use Windows features like and .NET core. Also, the user should be able to create databases using MSSQL and be able to import and export data out of it. It becomes mandatory for any user looking to run WordPress using a Windows server to check the PHP & MySQL-based applications’ select plan.

Users should also opt for a plan that has an intuitive, user-friendly control panel for managing hosting and website like 1-click installers. The provider can offer free migration to another service provider, which can help ensure smooth migration without encountering any issues.

Website hosting is considered technically challenging, so it becomes essential for the hosting provider to offer support in case of any difficulties/challenges. A reputed Windows shared hosting provider like bodHOST will always have 24×7 technical support, regardless of the user’s plan.

Concluding Words

 Windows shared hosting is indeed an affordable and basic web hosting solution for those who’ve just got into website hosting. Windows hosting demands Windows-based applications and databases.

If you’re looking for trusted Windows hosting, the bodHOST Team is here to help you out.

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