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July 10, 2012 / Dedicated Servers

Bodhost provides dedicated server hosting from our Tier 3 data center, which is located in Chicago, USA. As one of the leading data centers in the USA, our data center provides facilities that allow us to offer an uptime guarantee of 99.9% with all of our dedicated servers; furthermore, with staff monitoring the network infrastructure as well as server hardware 24×7, you can be assured that the chances of downtime because of server or network issues are minimal.

We offer a range of professional server configurations that you can take advantage of to improve your business’s IT infrastructure and introduce a range of new IT applications that can help to streamline certain functions and business activities so that you can improve the productivity of your employees. Other server configurations available from Bodhost in the USA include:

  • Load balancing is available for high demand websites and web applications for which a single server or a separate web and database server isn’t going to be suitable; the process of load balancing will cluster several servers together, each of which will share the load of a website to make sure all requests are served quickly and efficiently.
  • We offer a range of different hard drive configurations thanks to RAID that customers can use to improve the performance of their server (boosting read/write speeds with RAID 0), or to add an extra level of data security by mirroring one hard drive with the data of another (RAID 1).

We recognize the importance of offering a secure data center environment for server hosting alongside secure servers and a secure network. Our data center has been designed to implement security features such as:

  • Access to the data floor where the servers are hosted is restricted to authorized individuals only and this is guaranteed with the use of biometric access and CCTV surveillance cameras monitoring every route to the data floor.
  • Staff are on site 24×7 to monitor security as well as the performance of the network so that a consistent level of service is provided to enforce our policy of offering a stable environment for all customers.

US dedicated server hosting from Bodhost provides an affordable dedicated hosting choice for US-based businesses and consumers that require their own isolated hosting environment.

cPanel Dedicated Server

cPanel is one of the most popular Linux web hosting control panels available and when coupled with a Bodhost dedicated server provides a powerful and reliable environment that businesses can use to develop their own web hosting service further. If you don’t wish to start your own web hosting business then cPanel can simply be used as a web-based management tool for your dedicated server; a simplified interface will improve the speed at which certain maintenance tasks can be achieved, i.e. software updates and certain system modifications.

Although cPanel is only available for Linux dedicated servers, this has allows the developers of the software to create an application that offers a much more targeted user experience that allows you to control many aspects of your Linux dedicated server from a single web interface. Features of cPanel include:

  • WHM accompanies cPanel and this is a separate control panel designed for use by resellers and server administrators to control their respective accounts; a more advanced interface is provided, with the cPanel side of the control panel being a simplified version that is intuitive for the beginners that often choose Linux shared hosting.
  • Full control of the services that power the cPanel control panel such as Apache, MySQL Server, your chosen FTP server and mail server applications allows you to restart them on the fly if there is an issue that is preventing you from accessing these particular services.

Plesk Dedicated Server

As a Windows dedicated server user you will have full access to your server via Remote Desktop, but for some this may not be enough and there are certainly benefits to choosing a web-based control panel such as Plesk. Choosing Plesk will provide you with a simplified way in which you can manage multiple domain names on your dedicated server as the management of all major services such as your email server and web server applications are taken care of by Plesk; in order to setup a domain with all of the relevant services, you will only need to fill in one form in Plesk and the rest is taken care of by the control panel.

Bod recommends that our Windows dedicated server customers configure Plesk as the control panel for their needs; Plesk can provide you with the following benefits:

  • If you wish to setup your own web hosting business using your dedicated server then you can setup web hosting plans and web hosting accounts using the control panel; they will be managed in a professional manner and you can allow your clients access to their own hosting accounts.
  • Advanced support is offered for Microsoft technologies such as ASP.NET 4.0 and MSSQL Server so that you can alter these to function in line with your policies or web applications.

Bodhost offers Windows Server 2008 servers that are fully managed so that you can call on our support team for assistance whenever you need it.

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