Cloud computing: Risk Cascade?

September 26, 2011 / Cloud Hosting

The cloud provider’s market is still new and each service provider offers different options, especially for the safety and availability of services. What traditional web hosting company would take the risk to ensure a recovery time or service availability in case of massive attacks on the Internet?

Of course, the pioneers in the cloud implement all the necessary steps to maintain redundancy, and distribution of resources over several data centers, to avoid interruption of services. But their applications are still based on an Internet where each segment is doing its best, without a real commitment.

Sometimes a company or client faces distant problems with the role players of public cloud hosting providers because their main strength dwells to maintain the cost of services to complete the requirements of a heavily developed industry, which is always looking for affordability.

For their part, fixed support and mobile telecommunication recommend a dedicated link to the cloud, but the recommended option is not free. The formula is to build an encrypted network by using VPN to match the security standards on the hosted server.

Regarding data privacy, all players in the cloud computing industry not only talk about the isolation mechanisms of cloud servers but also point out the presence of support teams and dedicated security infrastructure. These are positive things because they always provide a higher level of security than that obtained by the clients.

But what about the management of identities, entitlements, and workplace security, especially for public cloud service users? To prevent information leakage and the entrance of malware, the company remains attentive to terminal management. Hence the recent appearance of filtering services and identification standards in web hosting companies increasing security levels.

In addition, while choosing a cheap cloud hosting solution from any web host, customers should always read TOS and SLA very carefully. However, the service provider offers cloud to the client means, a quick data process and easy recovery, in case of failure of an application, but as a customer, if you feel any kind of dissatisfaction with customer service; make sure you know the clauses in the money-back guarantee. This precaution is worth considering.

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