Cloud Applications, Storage and Web Servers – Emerging Markets

March 28, 2012 / Cloud Hosting

Emerging markets today in Latin America and Asia pacific have shown a lot of usage in cloud computing applications than other markets in Europe and US counterpart.

The usage has been over 39% of the total cloud computing application in Latin America and 28% in Asia Pacific whereas it’s only 12% in Europe. Although, not much cloud applications have been developed but the usage is already higher than expected per a survey report.

Experts call it an inflection point in cloud computing and large corporate IT companies have benefited from it which cannot be ignored. There is a lot of scope in cloud computing technologies and applications and will continue to grow as opportunities to many IT companies.

The overcoming of security and other risks lead to adopting and benefiting from cloud applications which is a global demand.

Cloud web servers, cloud storage and cloud applications are leading the emerging markets.

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