Choosing the Perfect Domain Name: Top Tips

July 3, 2020 / Domain

perfect domain name

Selecting the right business domain name is important for anyone who is looking to start his business online. In the non-digital domain, the business name defines an individual and his brand. When we talk about the digital world, a perfect domain name helps in giving you an online identity. Domain names serve as the primary criteria on how people access the web are going to find you and thereafter promote your business online.

Based on online data, an average of 84,000 new domains are registered every single day. For larger businesses, it is easy for their customers to associate their domain with their brand and offerings because of their significant and prominent virtual presence. On the other hand, it is really challenging for small businesses to select and establish their domain names with their end customers, as they often look to secure trademarks and brands.

As a domain name provider, bodHOST brings you the following tips that you can follow for having a distinct domain that sets you apart from your competition and get easily recognizable among your customers.

Tips for a Perfect Domain Name

  1. Make it a Catchy Affair Determining a top-notch business domain name is a crucial balancing act. You should make it memorable and something that your potential customize can remember while having a verbal or written communication. Having a great business domain name requires brainstorming and branding exercises. So, sit with your team and link your brand with a catchy domain name.
  2. Have it Simple Besides having a catchy, your domain name should be simple. You should refrain from using long abbreviations, numbers, and hyphenated words as they can be quite distracting for your customers, making it difficult for them to remember. While having a brainstorming session, you should consider factors like- difficulty for the customer to search for your domain name online or how hard it is for them to spell it.
  3. Using SEO-Friendly Keywords Another factor that determines a perfect domain name is making use of SEO-friendly keywords. Your domain name and your website need to be optimized for easy crawling by search engines. It would be best if you used such keywords that perfectly describe the services and products of your business. Keywords similar to your business help in enhancing your rankings in the search engines, thus bringing more traffic to your website. Keywords in the domain name help your customers to find you with ease.
  4. Make it Unique and Memorable You should always select a domain name for your website that is memorable and, at the same time, catchy so that it uniquely stands out from the competition and is not forgotten. Always have a brainstorming session with your internal team and based on the discussion, if the selected domain name is not used, make sure to register with a reputed domain name registrar like bodHOST.
  5. Select the Right Domain Name Extension Today several domain name extension options are available. Some common domain name extensions that are in use include- .com, .net, .biz, etc. Besides these common ones, various customizable domain name extensions are available today. ccTLD (Country Code Top-Level Doman) is the domain name extension that align specifically to a county’s location (.us, .in). We all are aware that a .com extension has been the most popular domain extension for a non-tech business since it is easily recognizable and accessible.
  6. Avoiding Similar Business Domain Names In the real world, you have several competitors who have similar kinds of offerings similar to yours. In the digital world also, you should avoid using domain names that are similar to your competition. This is because the end customers might end up confused and get diverted to other sites, you probably never want this! Also, there are legal issues that are also associated when you have similar domains. Thus, always a completely unique domain name.
  7. Protecting Your Company’s Brand To secure the integrity of your brand, it is essential to go for several domain name extensions, including the ones that can be easily misspelled related to your domain name. This ensures that your competition doesn’t register for similar versions of your domain name and redirects your end customers.
  8. Be Really Fast! A domain can really sell fast. As soon you get your desired domain name or is available, you should get it registered with a reputed domain registrar. Once you have obtained your domain name, make sure that you renew it before time so that it is not get lost. Nearly 20,000 domain names expire every day!


On a concluding note, you need to understand that selecting a business domain name is important. It is the prima face of your business for all online visitors. By following the tips shared in the article, you can definitely cash in more target customers that will help in growing your business. It would be best if you dedicate enough time before finalizing your domain name as a great business domain name reaps in a lot of benefits.

 If you’re a business and looking for a reputed domain name registrar, feel free to get it registered with bodHOST at cost-effective prices.

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