What Is The Purpose Of A Private SSL Certificate?

November 17, 2021 /

What Is The Purpose Of A Private SSL Certificate? is the topic of this article.

All websites that accept credit card payments or request personal information from customers should use a private SSL certificate. A private SSL certificate adds extra protection to your website, which is necessary for protecting clients’ confidential information. All data sent from your website kept secret on the host server with a Private SSL certificate. Encrypting the data and enabling the secure lock in the browser does this.

A private SSL certificate issued to your website only.

If you have a private SSL certificate set on your website, you will not have to deal with the warning notice that appears anytime a visitor attempts to access it over a secure connection (HTTPS).

One of the most significant benefits of using a private SSL is that it aids your SEO efforts. According to a Google update, a website marked with “HTTPS” regarded as authoritative and serves as a ranking indication. Google has taken this move to make the internet a safer place. As a result, purchasing a private SSL certificate will boost your website’s search engine rankings as well.

A significant distinction between shared SSL and private SSL is that if you use shared SSL with your domain name, certificate warning messages may appear on your website, and you may be unable to view them. A private SSL certificate, on the other hand, allows you to use your domain name and visit the website without receiving any warning messages.

Installing a private SSL certificate is a great first step for any online company that wants to accept payments. Customers’ confidence boosted by a private SSL certificate, and they feel safe providing personal and confidential information to your website.

Previously, registering a private SSL certificate required a specific IP address. A private SSL certificate is now registered on a shared IP address as well.

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