Virtuozzo VPS Web Hosting

July 18, 2007 / vps hosting

Virtuozzo VPS Hosting

Virtuozzo is one of the most popular platforms available for VPS server hosting and is used by countless numbers of web hosting providers to offer Windows VPS server hosting and Linux VPS server hosting. VPS servers are there to fill the rather large gap that has formed between reseller web hosting and dedicated server hosting. Since you are provided with your own dedicated web hosting environment and dedicated resources within the context of a shared hosting environment, thus providing you with a highly effective but also a very affordable web hosting service.

There is always going to be a need for Windows VPS servers and Linux dedicated servers. Since the different requirements of different users will demand different web hosting platforms and having a common platform. On which Windows and Linux VPS servers can be offered will allow a web hosting providers to save money.

If a web hosting provider is able to save money in a certain area then this will benefit you by offering you a cheaper web hosting service. Virtuozzo is developed by the same company that develops and maintains the Plesk control panel meaning that you will be able to obtain Plesk for a reduced amount when purchasing VPS server hosting from a certain web hosting provider.

VPS server hosting is a highly effective form of web hosting since for a low price you will be able to obtain your own dedicated web hosting environment and dedicated resources – it’s almost like having your own dedicated server, just without the added premium.

By having your own dedicated web hosting environment you will be able to install any applications of your choice and make any configuration changes that you see as necessary, allowing you to develop your own custom web hosting environment.

If you choose a Windows VPS server then you will be able to access your server via Remote Desktop, providing you with a direct view of the Windows GUI; Linux VPS servers on the other hand can be slightly harder to manage as you will be provided with direct access to your server via SSH only.

Virtuozzo is an established VPS server hosting platform meaning that it can be relied upon to provide high uptime VPS server hosting services, as most consumers are demanding reliable web hosting from all forms of web hosting these days.

There are several different factors that can affect the reliability of a VPS server including the other users hosted on the same hosting node as your VPS server as well as external factors. Depending on how the hosting node’s CPU is shared out, it may take only one VPS server to overload the entire node which in turn will cause the hosting node to crash, taking down every hosted VPS server.

The external factors that can affect the availability of a VPS server include the network and power feeds – if the network goes then the server won’t be accessible externally and if the power goes then you run the risk of not being able to reach the hosting node at all.

Virtuozzo does have its rivals, for example with Windows VPS server hosting many web hosting companies are now choosing the Hyper-V hosting solution over the Virtuozzo platform since this can help to save money. However, there are features unique to Virtuozzo that help to make it a good value for money;

for example, Virtuozzo is the only VPS hosting platform that can provide end-users with their own control panel to allow them to manage their own VPS server – the Parallels Power Panel is a feature that is included with both the Windows version and Linux versions of Virtuozzo.

The Parallels Power Panel will allow end-users to manage every aspect of their VPS server meaning that they can start, stop and reboot it when necessary ensuring that they have full control of their server’s state.

In the situation where the VPS server needs to be reloaded for whatever reason, the Parallels Power Panel will also come in useful here; although it isn’t possible with Windows VPS servers, Linux VPS servers can be easily reloaded/reinstalled using the Parallels Power Panel – it should be noted that a reinstalled VPS server will provide you with a blank canvas that you will need to start afresh with.

The reliability of VPS server hosting is usually much greater than that offered by shared web hosting services which will be of benefit to you if you are using shared web hosting and are looking to upgrade to a web hosting package that will be able to offer you more in many ways.

By having your own dedicated resources you can be sure that you won’t have to worry about the activities of other users affecting the uptime of your own website since the resources that you are providing can’t be accessed or used by anyone else.

When choosing a VPS server it is a good idea to consider Virtuozzo VPS server hosting services above any other platforms that may being used by various web hosting providers as you can sure that Virtuozzo will able to guarantee you good value for money.

Most web hosting companies will be using Virtuozzo in some medium to allow them to offer their VPS server hosting services and so finding a Virtuozzo VPS hosting provider doesn’t need to be a big task as you really don’t need to look that far – it’s just finding the VPS server that suits your requirements that could take the time.

In conclusion, Virtuozzo is probably the most reliable VPS hosting platform around as it has an established base on which you can sure your VPS servers will safe. Although there are alternatives available for both Windows and Linux, Virtuozzo si the only truly cross-platform available for use by your average web hosting company.

Virtuozzo does a good job of offering quality VPS server hosting services that feature-rich at a price that the target audience able to afford and justify without any questions being asked.