Using Softaculous With The Addition Of Script Installation

December 21, 2015 / General Discussion

Softaculous is a lot like Fantastico in the fact that it is an “automated installer”. With Softaculous you can quickly and easily maintain and install common web scripts. It does not matter if you have installed a script on our servers using Fantastico because it automatically imported to Softaculous. Basically, Softaculous is going to act like a drop-in replacement.

However, if you did not use Softaculous to install your scripts you can manually add them. This will give you the opportunity to take advantage of the powerful upgrading component. Below you will find some instructions that will tell you how to manually add your scripts, but keep in mind that this will only work with scripts that Softaculous recognizes. If your scripts are not compatible then these instructions will not work for you.

The first thing you will need to do is to log in to your cPanel account using your correct username and password.

Once you logged in look for the Software/Services category. When you are there you should see a Softaculous button. You will want to click on that button.

After Softaculous loads, you will notice in the top right-hand corner. There is an area where you can enter the name of the script that you want to import. For instance, if you wanted to import a manual WordPress install. You would simply type in WordPress and then hit enter on your keyboard.

You should now be looking at an overview of the script that you want to import. If everything appears correctly then you will want to hit the import button located at the top right of the sub-navigation.

Now you directed to a dropdown box that will be full of domain names. You will have to choose the correct domain name that your script was installed under. After you have located your correct domain, you will now need to type in the name of the folder that your script is installed in and once again hit the import button.

Your script will now imported to Softaculous.