How to Manage Email Disk Usage in cPanel

February 23, 2021 / cPanel

How to Manage Email Disk Usage in cPanel

This  article explains how to manage e-mail disk space usage in cPanel. This enables you to view all of your mailboxes and delete old or large messages.

Managing e-mail disk usage

To manage email disk usage, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your cPanel account.
  2. Scroll to the EMAIL section and click on the Email Disk Usage icon.
  3. On the Email Disk Usage page, select the email account you wish to view from the Account drop down list or type it into the search bar to search for it.

    When you have selected your account, its mail folders will listed under Mailbox Name, as in the image above. At the side of these, you will be able to see columns for the number of messages each folder contains and the size of each folder.
  4. To free up disk space, go to the Actions column and click Manage.
  5. Under Messages to delete, there are several filters you can select to choose the emails you wish to delete. These are:

    1 year old or more: Choose this option to delete messages over one year old.

    Previously viewed: Choose this option to delete messages that have previously been read.

    30 MB in size or more: Choose this option to delete deletes messages larger than 30 MB.

    All messages: Choose this option to delete all messages in the folder.

    Custom query: Choose this option to search for specific messages, e.g. by age, terms in the subject line, etc.

    Note: Custom query uses Dovecot search tags. You can find a list of these at  Dovecots Search Query page.

  6. To permanently delete the messages, click Delete Permanently. Remember that following this action, emails cannot recovered.

Viewing Disk Usage For Multiple Addresses in cPanel

The “Email Disk Usage” section allows you to view usage for one email account at a time.

If you need a bigger picture, you can get an overview that lets you see the usage for 20 addresses at a time.

  1. Log in to cPanel. In the “Email” section, click the “Email Accounts” link or icon.
  2. Here, you can see up to 20 email accounts for your domain on one page. Storage space shown above a progress bar. The first value is the space used. The second is how much space has been allocated to the address and finally, the percentage of used space.
  3. To get back to the page where you can choose which emails to delete for an email account, click the “MANAGE” button for the address.
  4. On the page that loads next, click the “Free up Email Storage” link.

    In this way you can manage Email Disk usage for multiple accounts in cPanel.

We sincerely hope that you must now have got a clear idea regarding how to manage Email Disk usage in cPanel. However, if you are still facing any difficulty in the procedure mentioned above, feel free to reach out to the bodHOST Team for proactive support 24×7. Check out our web hosting plans today

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