How to Create a Plesk Subscription Package

Subscription refers to a service plan that can be assigned to a client account, such as when setting up a new Plesk account and giving a package. To put it another way, a subscription is a bundle that includes an agreement that lets you use the service plans’ resources and services to run your website.

To help you understand, we’ll walk you through the procedures to create a subscription package in Plesk.

1. Log into your “Plesk account”

2. Click on the “Service Plans” Option

3. Click on the “Add a Plan”

4. Fill in the plan’s fields, such as disc space in megabytes, bandwidth in megabytes, total mailboxes, and so on, starting with the plan name.

5. Finally, Click OK to finish creating the package, which will appear in the list of service plans.

We truly hope you now have a clear understanding of how to create a Plesk subscription package. If you persist to have problems with the procedure outlined above, please contact bodHOST Team for proactive support 24×7.

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