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Fully Managed VPS Server Hosting in the USA

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If you have never managed a server in any shape or form before then a fully managed VPS server from bodHost will offer you with all the features that are necessary to support you and your Windows VPS Hosting and Linux VPS Hosting. Similarly to a dedicated server, a VPS server can provide a dedicated hosting environment involving guaranteed resources that you can customize to meet the requirements of your business; quite often there will be a need for third-party applications and services to support larger websites that have been developed in-house and more often than not these won’t be available within the context of a shared hosting environment, which is why VPS hosting is so popular because it offers a dedicated environment on a budget.

Bodhost’s support team can provide you with a number of services that can be used to maximize what your VPS server can offer you, these include:

  • We can perform a full evaluation of the level of security implemented on your Windows or Linux VPS and can take the necessary steps to improve security if the existing measures don’t meet you or your customer’s expectations
  • Optimizing applications is something else that we can perform for you and in our opinion this is one of the most important tasks that you can carry out on a VPS server – this will make for the more effective use of server resources, resulting in better performance for your VPS server.

As well as receiving full support from Bod, you can also manage your VPS server yourself if you wish to and in any case you will still retain sole control of your web hosting environment. All of our VPS packages are based on the Virtuozzo platform, seen as being one of the most stable virtualization platforms in the web hosting industry; with Virtuozzo you can monitor the resources of your VPS server and control the state of it, allowing you to start, stop and reboot the VPS as you wish – the Virtuozzo Power Panel is a web-based control panel, therefore meaning that you can control your VPS from any computer that has a web browser installed. It should be noted that traditional root access methods such as SSH for Linux and Remote Desktop for Windows are also provided as standard.

If you are looking for affordable and reliable VPS servers then Bodhost offers a wide range of Linux and Windows based VMs hosted out of our US data center. Our 24×7 support team is trained to the highest level possible and can assist you with any issues or queries that you may have regarding your VPS.

USA VPS Hosting

Bodhost’s VPS server hosting services are hosted out of our state-of-the-art data center, which is located in Chicago, Illinois. We believe in offering our customers the most reliable service possible and we use the most up-to-date equipment in our data center to ensure that service failure due to hardware failure isn’t a possibility; furthermore, our support staff have an on-site presence 24×7 so that if there are issues that can only be sorted by having physical access to the hardware, we are in a position to deal with these. Our US hosting facility has been developed with the following features to offer you the most secure hosting environment possible:

  • Biometric access prevents unauthorized individuals from gaining access to the data floor; all entrances and exits are also covered by a CCTV system that is constantly monitored
  • All of our hardware is contained within locked racks that can only be accessed by our support staff on a short-term basis; all rack keys are kept in a secure location and can only be accessed by those with good reason
  • All servers are protected by hardware firewalls that will be the first line of defense against attacks from hackers; this will ensure that even if a DDoS attack is attempted, the service that you receive won’t be impacted.

Our attention to detail with our network and security features is what supports our 100% uptime guarantee that accompanies all of our Linux VPS servers and Windows VPS servers. High uptime is important with a dedicated hosting service of any type because downtime can cause issues for your business through loss of revenues and visitors not returning because there is another website that can serve their needs; with Bodhost you can be guaranteed that if there are issues impacting on the accessibility of your website, our 24×7 support team will do everything within their powers to rectify these issues.

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