eNlight Cloud – Who can use it?

February 25, 2014 / Cloud Server Hosting
eNlight Cloud Who Can Use It

If you are currently using a VPS for your website and related services, then the eNlight Cloud could be the perfect solution to allow you to expand your online presence. With auto-scaling Virtual Machines and an order process with which you can configure the precise specifications that you require. eNlight represents a solution that can save you money whilst offering you a more powerful hosting service without compromising on uptime or security.

eNlight Virtual Machines represent the ideal environment for people running their own web hosting companies.  Like other forms of hosting that offer a dedicated hosting environment. install a control panel such as Plesk or cPanel that used for website management on your Virtual Machine. 

Your customers were able to enjoy the speeds and scalability offered by the eNlight Cloud. If there is a particular website hosted on your server that begins to impact the performance of your VM. Additional resources hurried in to scale the VM up as necessary. 

This auto-scaling beneficial in many different situations, for example, your business may launch a new product that could create a rush of traffic to your website. eNlight is a perfect alternative to VPS hosting because configures a virtual server with resource specifications far greater than those obtained through the use of VPS hosting. 

Also, VPS hosting plans tend to be pre-defined by web hosting companies with there being little scope for customization resource-wise. With eNlight you create your VMs with the resource allocations that you identify as fulfilling your needs.

Many businesses with their own physical server infrastructures have begun the process of migrating these servers into the Cloud to reduce their costs and so that they have additional resources on tap for when they need them.  A VM is the eNlight Cloud that can easily customized to match the resources that you would find with a majority of low-end and mid-range dedicated servers but at a much lower cost. 

eNlight is a cheaper solution for small businesses that would like to have one environment to perform the same tasks. As several low-end or mid-range servers as a single powerful physical server can be just too costly.

Users can face resource issues on all hosting platforms because of the restrictive nature of the hosting plans offered, regardless of whether you choose a shared web hosting plan or a high-end dedicated server. 

With hosting plans, where the resources offered, static, encouraged to upgrade to the hosting plan available if your current choice proves to limit. In the eNlight Cloud, if the platform detects that one VM running low on resources then this server scaled up to match demand. 

Similarly, if a VM has had additional resources assigned to it and it detected that demand is falling then this VM scaled back to its original state.  Perfect applications for eNlight include:

* Websites

that receive occasional traffic, for example, at times when new products or services announced

* Applications and websites where users can differ hourly, daily, or weekly

* Websites that receive short but sudden spikes in traffic.

Websites that fit the above criteria could face downtime or issues with performance on a regular basis when hosted on other platforms.  When large investments made in hosting services, businesses often notice an increase in the number of customers they receive because of the improved perception of the uptime of their websites. 

Whilst eNlight helps you with improving the performance and speed at which your web pages served to visitors, the platform allows you to achieve this at a cost that is much more realistic for small businesses as the eNlight platform designed to make the most efficient use of your budget. 

As resources scaled up and down without any downtime and the pay-as-you-go billing model helps you to keep costs under control, you can be sure that eNlight will provide you with expansion opportunities without the hassle associated with other types of web hosting.

eNlight provides a Cloud hosting environment that is far more flexible than the platforms offered by other web hosting providers.  If you aren’t entirely sure where your requirements fall at the moment. Then you can select a VM using your own resource estimations. With scaling enabled so that additional resources allocated if your cloud VMs begin to run low on resources.