Let’s Discover- What Makes WordPress Hosting the Popular Choice for Small Businesses

May 13, 2020 / WordPress Hosting

wordPress Hosting for small business

Being a small business owner, you’ll always have your business website that is not expensive to set up and runs without facing many difficulties. When you buy WordPress Hosting from a trusted web hosting provider like bodHOST, this can be a reality for you. WordPress is a free program that allows you to create beautiful websites for your business and personal purposes. Also, besides being a free program, you can easily maintain it as well.

Why WordPress?

With a market share of 62% in the CMS market and 35% of total websites hosted, WordPress has undoubtedly been the market leader in both these market segments. As stated before, WordPress is easy to use for any user, be it a beginner or a proficient user. WordPress is highly scalable, i.e. your website hosted on WordPress grows with your business. Lastly, WordPress also has a number of beneficial features for its users.

WordPress Hosting for Small Business

Let’s understand what makes WordPress Hosting an ideal choice for small businesses.

Some major reasons are listed below-

  1. Reasonable Pricing One of the significant reasons why WordPress Hosting has emerged as the best solution for small businesses is because it is a cost-effective solution that is bundled with a number of add-ons, such as Unlimited Bandwidth, WordPress Toolkit. Downloading and updating your WordPress Hosting is free and with bodHOST, all you need to pay as low as $1 to have a hosting service.
  2. Easy to Use One of the best things associated with WordPress Hosting is that it is relatively easy to use. It is not necessary that you need to have any experience in coding or design for creating a professional website. You can add a number of webpages, posts, images, and all the required features on your website quickly by putting in low efforts. When you buy WordPress Hosting from a trusted hosting provider like bodHOST, you get WordPress preinstalled on your control panel.
  3. Open Source WordPress is open-source software and anyone can download and modify it according to his needs and requirements. The development team for WordPress hosting is always on the move for making an enhanced product for every user.
  4. Can Be Used for Any Business WordPress is a highly versatile hosting platform; i.e., it can support any business form. Owing to its popularity, WordPress developers have developed several plugins that allow you to create websites of diversified nature. Usually, businesses’ websites contain a home page, contact us page, and some additional pages regarding their products and services. With WordPress installation, it is quite simple to create all such kind of pages. Not only the necessary pages, but you can even have a wide range of unique business webpages.
  5. Large Collection of Themes Your website is your digital identity and thus, it becomes essential to have strong branding on it for connecting to your potential customers. Usually, when you go for an outsourced developer, you have a lot of restrictions regarding design and themes, and upgrading these can be a costly affair. However, with WordPress Hosting, the case is just the opposite; you can change your website look and feel at your disposal without incurring any cost! (The bodHOST Team, however, recommends not to do this regularly). There WordPress Theme Directory has an extensive collection of themes and you can select one that defines your business. Besides being uniquely different, each of the themes is highly customizable as well.
  6. SE-Friendliness As a small business owner, you do not want your website to get blacklisted by a search engine like Google because of poor SEO. With WordPress Hosting, your website becomes SEO friendly because it has several integrated features like permalinks, title and headline tags, alt tags for images you upload and, most importantly, a faster loading website speed. Also, WordPress helps with the easy curation of content. For excellent SEO, the best practice is to create large volumes of content that have high quality and contains useful information.
  7. Secured Platform Be it a small business or an enterprise, website security continues to be the top priority for any business as it contains vital information about the business and its customers. No website platform today is entirely free from any kind of online vulnerabilities; however, with WordPress Hosting, you don’t need to be concerned regarding all details. WordPress offers various advantages when it comes to the protection of your data and keeping hackers away. A good web hosting provider will even provide you additional security protection in the form of a website vulnerability scanner.
  8. A large Number of Available Plugins Not only themes, but WordPress also has a large number of built-in plugins that can change the functionality of your website. All these WordPress plugins are easy to use and you can add any number of essential features as you want. We recommend you to have a WP Backup plugin that can prove to be extremely beneficial in case your website goes down and needs instant replication. With our WordPress Hosting, you get a guaranteed 99.99% Uptime.

Concluding Remarks

With nearly 35% of websites hosted on WordPress hosting, indicates WordPress emerged as the trusted leader in the website hosting business. Due to all the 8 reasons discussed above, WordPress Hosting has been a trustworthy hosting platform and the first choice for small businesses.

Being e a small business owner and looking for a trusted WordPress Hosting for your hosting, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. You can even explore all our WordPress Hosting Plans and then make the right move based on your business requirements. We’ll be happy to happy help!!

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