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Delivering Continuous Innovation via DevOps

No business is immune from rapidly changing conditions. In today’s market, anything less than continuous innovation can put a business in danger. Fast wireless and faster fiber ensure that companies can connect with their customers a wink of an eye or respond to a tweet within a fraction of second. With such pace of the moving market, is your IT infrastructure prepared to engage the audience at that speed?

Delivering Continuous Innovation via DevOps

Infrastructure isn’t all about servers and apps rather a combination of developers, business leaders, and operations and security teams that work in tandem. Their main goal lies in automation improvement and accelerating the delivery of software for managing the critical functions of a business. read more

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Public Cloud vs. Private Cloud vs. Hybrid Cloud Storage: Choose the Best for Your Business

Each type of cloud storage has its pros and cons. Here is how to make the right choice for your business. Nowadays running programs and storing information on the cloud has become a standard practice.

As per sources, Companies that leverage the cloud grow 19.3% faster than their competitors. Therefore today, more than 95% of businesses are running applications or using cloud storage.

But do you know that there are various types of cloud-storage solutions which are suited to different business needs? When determining your cloud storage needs, consider the path that is leading you to the cloud-storage solution. Here are the three decision paths most customers are on: read more

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Stories of Top Data Centers of 2016 About the Web Hosting Industry

This is the list of the most popular stories of data centers in 2016 which reveal the changes and macro-level trends of the web hosting industry.

The Days When Cloud Was Doubted Are Gone –

Yuri Izrailevsky, Vice President, Cloud and Platform Engineering at Netflix, had posted in one of his blog post that the online movie streaming pioneer completed its migration from own data centers onto the cloud platform.

This significant cloud migration of Netflix reveals that you can surely depend on public cloud for providing a high-quality digital service globally as well as cost-effectively. Previously, while outsourcing to a public cloud provider, a company needed to weigh certain factors which today don’t include whether cloud will work or fail. Currently, it’s become cost calculation with some compliance considerations. read more

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Save Your Business From Ransomware With These Simple Tips


Cyber security in the olden days simply involved defense and keeping the hackers away which was easy to accomplish with a firewall or a device. Later on, these weren’t memorized as the bad guys tried and failed to get access through the front door.

But that fortunate era has come to an end today and threats that are persistent, demanding active, ongoing cyber defense have become the new normal.  While several of these attacks are advanced and go unnoticed for a long time, the next threat known as ransomware, has become all-to-common in this post-device, active security era. read more

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Web Hosting Industry Trends to Follow

6-Trends-of-Web-Hosting-to-FollowHere is the web hosting industry trends that could change the way hosting company works.

1. Web Hosting Security

Security is the cornerstone of web hosting. However, since the emergence of cloud computing, many enterprises moved their data to the cloud, including sensitive information. But cyber-threats could become more common, hence, security is a buzzword in the hosting, and it will continue to rule the whole industry forever.

2. Rapid deployment

Cloud server hosting solution is the one way to deploy service quickly. Our eNlight cloud solution that offer rapid deployment, provide multiple data centers geo-location and can be operated almost anywhere is a good example. Rapid deployment of the technology may be able to upgrade the data center and even too completely turn it as data center in the cloud. read more

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