Top 7 Reasons to Have a Dedicated Server Hosting

September 5, 2019 / Dedicated Servers

dedicated server hosting

Dedicated server hosting refers to an arrangement that takes place between the organization and the web hosting provider. The web hosting provider is responsible for providing a physical server exclusively meant for running the user’s applications. Dedicated server hosting  is a traditional hosting method where the user either buys or leases the server from the hosting provider and agrees to pay a certain amount for the services irrespective of the usage.

Following are the top-7 reasons that need to be considered when a dedicated server hosting is to be used for hosting a website-

1. Private Communication

The dedicated server hosting can send private emails, and the security that is added to the user’s business communication helps in preventing the scammers and hackers from affecting the systems of the user’s business. As soon as a dedicated server connects the company devices, they eliminate the Internet as a middleman, and the exchange of messages takes place directly.

2. Virtual Private Networks

VPNs are the secure form of networks that are used for connecting devices using a secure connection. VPNs are responsible for establishing connections between specific internal devices and even cut-out Internet services. They make sure that only a user’s device is connected with each other, thus, reducing the chances of any cyber-attacks.

3. Enhanced Virtual Security

In the case of a dedicated hosting environment, there is no sharing of the servers and operating systems with other tenants present in the server. In a dedicated hosting server, no other tenant has the password for logging on the server, except for the authorized personnel of the service provider. Dedicated hosting also provides enhanced security for the companies that are handling transactions over FTP or SSL.

4. Reliable Processing

In case of a dedicated hosting environment, the user needs not to worry regarding the processing power of the CPU, as the user gets the demanded processing power required for running his applications. As the processing power isn’t distributed amongst other tenants, there is no slowing down of the applications.

5. Easy Scalability

The dedicated servers can be easily configured to include the right mix of processing power and storage to meet the specific needs of the user. As the computing needs of the user are going to increase with time, a dedicated server offers the flexibility of scaling the hosting resources as per the requirements of the user. The scalability of the dedicated server hosting doesn’t require migration whenever an up gradation of server space is carried out.

6. Dedicated IP Address

In a shared hosting service, the hosted websites share the same IP address. With increased traffic on the server, there is a high probability that the user website will be affected. In the case of a dedicated server hosting, the user website has a unique IP address providing the website with a unique identity. Any server-related issues like surged traffic don’t have any impact on the website that has a dedicated IP address. The dedicated IP address also helps in boosting the reputation of any organization and is free of blacklisting of IP addresses due to the actions of any other user present in the server.

7. Performance

The performance of any dedicated server is unmatched, and the user doesn’t need a hypervisor or any kind of a resource limiter to keep all the tasks from using all available resources. The result of this is that the software will be able to make more efficient use of the available hardware, and there is no need to share the memory cache. As there won’t be any sharing of resources with other pages, the user’s web pages will now be able to de-constrain the power of CPU, disks and network hardware. The hardware can be accessed without any virtualization, and the user will be able to optimize the system for meeting the needs of a particular application.

Dedicated server hosting has a large number of benefits that it offers to the user’s website as compared to any other hosting service present for serving the same purpose. It provides much higher performance, easy scalability and most importantly, a dedicated IP address, which can be used to safeguard the user’s website from any affects taking placed on the hosted server. 

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