Tips to Protect Your Smartphone Data

Tips to Protect Your Smartphone Data

The following article offers you effective tips and important measures you should take in order to protect your smartphone data.

Update Your Device Constantly

You should always keep the devices updated. This way, you can avoid security flaws that are correcting the manufacturers with new versions.

Avoid Unauthorized Software Modifications

Try to prevent unauthorized software modifications in your smartphone. Using original software guarantees you greater confidence in your device. Try to avoid “Rooting Android” and “Jailbreak” in iPhone).

Encourage Yourself to Use Cloud Services

There are many cloud services out there, which can keep a backup of your photos, videos and other files. For taking a backup of contacts, you can use Gmail as it allows you to recover your data even if you lose the terminal.

Always Use Strong Password

In order to prevent data theft, it is necessary to use a strong password with a combination of uppercase, lowercase, numerical and symbols included. Also, the password should be at least 15 digits long. Nowadays, the use of applications like “1password” has increased, which allows smartphone users to store all their passwords in the same application, which is also protected by a complicated password.

Never Connect to an Unsecured Wi-Fi Network

Always avoid connecting to an unsecured Wi-Fi network, as hackers having advanced knowledge of networks can access the information travelling on your phone Internet.

Use Trusted Applications

Avoid using non trusted applications as it may contain malware or spyware. Always download applications from trusted and official app stores like Google Play, Google Apps Marketplace, Apple App Store, Android App Store, Blackberry World, Samsung Apps, and Nokia App Store).

Watch out for Permissions while Installing Applications

Although the applications you install come from reliable sources, it may request for more permissions than it’s necessary. For example, does it make any sense, if an application like flashlight request for permission to access your phone book?

Protect with a Lock Screen

There are various applications available in the app stores which enable a pattern lock on your smartphone to prevent the physical access to your phone by others.

Using an App to Delete Phone Data Remotely

Just imagine, you have some confidential data in your phone and one day you lose your smartphone. In such a case, just imagine how much loss you would have to bear? Thus, it is better to have an application that will allow you to delete your phone data remotely. Application like “Blackberry Protect” allows you to “locate, lock phone or wipe data” remotely. Also, the application “Plan B” for Android devices can help you find your phone after it is lost.

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