Know Cloud Computing And Keep Away From Delusion

April 27, 2013 / Cloud Computing

In this rapid changing world in order to meet the changing needs of the business enterprise need to invest huge amount of money as well as time to scale up their IT infrastructure that includes hardware, software and services however, with unpremises IT structure the whole scaling up process of the enterprise can be slow and that is one reason why enterprise fails to achieve optimum utilization of their resources as well as IT infrastructure.

Now cloud computing technology results in a paradigm shift that provides computing resources over the internet. Most of us know that cloud computing brings benefits to all sizes of businesses. The cloud computing technologies not only eliminates the cost structure but also allows the businesses to focus on their core businesses. But before that you need to know certain facts about cloud computing.

Cloud Computing

In cloud computing servers consist of highly optimized data center that provides hardware, software and information resources to us whenever we need them. With the help of cloud organization simply need to connect it with a cloud and use the computing resources on pay –per-use basis i.e. the organization will only pay for that resources which they have utilized and also help companies to eliminate the high cost structure that goes in building an additional on premises infrastructure.

Cloud computing technology also helps the enterprise to scale up or scale down according to the business requirements. Now we need to understand the three basic trends used by cloud first is virtualization , second is utility computing and the third is software as a service.

Virtualization makes application and infrastructure as a separate entity which allows the servers to share as many applications as they can. Virtualization of application involves packaging the application with everything that is required to run it . Now you can assess your documents, files anything from any corner of the world.

Software as a service allows you to deliver software over the internet without the need to install applications on the customer’s own computers. SaaS applications are run from one centralized location which means that the software can be accessed from any location over the internet. Centralized management of applications helps to simplify maintenance and applications are consumed on a pay-as-you-go basis. This is a blessing for the enterprise, especially during the turbulent economy because you need to pay only for what you use.

Thus we can say cloud computing is basically offering computing as a service with all your data stored on remote servers which can be accessed over the internet.

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