Dedicated Server: Boosting Business Success with Reliable Providers

June 4, 2020 / Dedicated Servers Web Hosting

dedicated server

We have time and again stated the importance of having a business website in our blogs. Businesses irrespective of their sizes today have several options for hosting their website, applications, and, most importantly, mail servers. All these represent some form of digital identity for any business. Talking about Shared Hosting, the single hosting server is shared amongst all the users present on the server.

In case you’re a business that is looking for enhanced control along with stability, it is time to make your move to Dedicated Hosting being offered by a trusted web hosting provider. A Dedicated Hosting provider like bodHOST will provide you with the required hardware and help you to reduce your overhead costs.

So in this article, we shall see what benefits does a business owner gets in the case of Dedicated Server Hosting. Besides benefits, we shall also be looking at the key considerations that businesses to consider for a Dedicated Hosting provider.

Benefits of Dedicated Server Hosting

Following are the benefits of dedicated hosting that you might want to encash being a business owner-

  1. No Sharing of Servers As we have stated earlier, in the case of Dedicated Hosting, your servers are not shared with anyone else and this is one of the key differentiators between Shared and Dedicated Hosting. Dedicated Hosting includes leasing out a complete server from a provider, thereby granting you full access to all the resources of the server. Since there is no sharing of servers and other resources, you get complete access to the environment, and reputation along with the stability and security of your servers. Thus, with Dedicated Hosting, you can drive your website according to your business needs.
  2. Higher Flexibility With Dedicated Hosting, you can get enhanced flexibility to accommodate the changing needs of your business. Having a Dedicated Server gives you the freedom to define your server configuration. With your business continually increasing, you can easily add or alter pre-existing services and applications. Not only flexibility, but you also get scalability for modifying your business needs. In case you are looking for enhanced processing, storage, or even backups, then Dedicated Servers is undoubtedly the right choice. Besides addressing your business needs, Dedicated Hosting can also efficiently address the expectations that of your end customers. With Dedicated Hosting, your website page loads faster, thus, offering them enhanced user experience and more loyalty and retention towards your business.
  3. Enhanced Security In Dedicated Servers, since there is no sharing of servers, you get enhanced levels of security. You can be assured that your space is fully secured against all kinds of malicious websites or any kind of spam. Your server environment is not vulnerable and remains unhindered by the malpractices deployed by any user present on the server. Dedicated servers can prove to be extremely beneficial for businesses that handle a huge volume of sensitive and user-critical data.
  4. More Stability In case you’re looking to maximize your server uptime along with other services, then going for a dedicated server can be the best hosting option. Your websites and other web applications aren’t affected by the downtime due to any ‘neighbor’ going down in the hosted server. Dedicated servers offer a higher degree of stability in any unforeseen events of downtimes by keeping your websites up and running at all times.

Key Considerations for a Dedicated Server Hosting Provider

Besides leveraging the benefits of Dedicated Servers, you also need to have a trusted, Dedicated Hosting provider that can offer you these benefits.

So, here are the key considerations for a Dedicated Hosting provider-

Complete Budget Valuation

Every business has a fixed budget and it is essential that as a business owner, you select a hosting provider that fits well in your allotted budget. With bodHOST, you get Dedicated Hosting at cost-effective prices.

Business Reputation

As a business owner, you need to understand to have a clear understanding of what people think of your hosting provider. Getting reviews from the ones who have already availed the services of a hosting provider is one of the best ways to determine reliability and trustworthiness.


Businesses today have to be online and available at all times for their customers. As a business owner, you can’t afford absence for even the shortest time, as this results directly in the loss of money and trust. So, you need to make sure that your Dedicated Hosting provider does offer you a fulltime availability of your websites.

Service Level Agreements

With several hosting providers available today, you should choose one that not only promises but also offers all the essential components needed to keep your business running online. The list could probably include- zero downtime, round-the-clock support, to name a few. Being a business owner, you must make sure all of this is clearly defined in the Service Level Agreements or SLAs.

Why bodHOST?

As a trusted and leading web hosting provider, with bodHOST, you can be completely assured that all the above key considerations are met. As a customer-oriented hosting provider, bodHOST aims to make sure that the online business of the end customers never goes down. bodHOST also offers dedicated and proactive support 24x7x365 to the customers.

Closing Remarks

On a concluding note, the dedicated servers are designed and committed to offer businesses a top-notched performance besides a significant solution for storage, making it easier for the businesses to host their critical applications. Businesses must leverage the above-stated benefits to have an unmatched and real “dedicated” experience.

As a business owner, if you are looking to make a move to Dedicated Hosting, feel free to reach out to the bodHOST Team for an unmatched and hassle-free digital experience.

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