HP ProLiant G6 – x86 Server line in Nehalem

February 3, 2012 / Dedicated Servers

x86 servers of HP ProLiant G6 are based on the popular Intel Xeon 5500 series. HP is a global market leader and their x86 servers promise doubled performance as compared to previous generations while offering serious cost saving.

A series of sensors control points of the servers to adapt the operation of the components and ensure optimal cooling, while the power supplies can be refined as needed. Finally, the mode HP Dynamic Power Capping distributes energy resources and cooling according to the real needs of each server.

The HP ProLiant G6 uses the latest technology to improve productivity. Its on board administration interface promises easier management of the installation and the management of remote servers, the console HP ICE (Insight Control Environment) or module HP virtual connect flex-10 Ethernet allows to make partition of four network interfaces from a single 10 GB Ethernet network port.

Performance and Reduction of Energy Consumption

As mentioned above ProLiant G6 servers are based on Intel Nehalem Xeon 5500 and HP Smart Array RAID controllers support twice the RAM and Storage capacity than previous generations. This means, in theory it reduces the number of servers required for the same tasks.

To encourage companies to invest on its new servers, HP offers a server migration pack that facilitates the migration of existing servers to the HP ProLiant G6 servers, but also they offer additional services to the map such as thermal study documentation, capacity planning info for VMware virtualization, storage analysis, etc … with flexible financing options.

Note: The 11 variations of the HP ProLiant G6 are available.

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