How to Scale Your WooCommerce to a Large-Scale Online Store

February 17, 2021 / wooCommerce

How to Scale Your WooCommerce to a Large Scale Online Store

WooCommerce provides the perfect flexibility to scale your business and gives it ample room to grow. It can easily accommodate several products. So you can build a store of any size you want. The three factors that can impact the scaling of your WooCommerce store are traffic, server hardware, and website code. In addition to this, choosing the ideal hosting provider is important to the future of your business. You need to ensure that your hosting provider offers you scalability, security, maintenance, 24/7/365 support, and an uptime guarantee. Next, comes testing.

The Testing

Performance testing Performance testing is conducted to map the performance of a WooCommerce store normally. What is the speed of loading your page? What is the time it takes for the shopping cart to be displayed once you click the button for checkout? All of these questions are answered through performance testing.
Incorrect assumptionsYour traffic will be the same daily

You cannot predict the amount of traffic your store will receive. You can set a goal, but traffic won’t be the same on a daily basis.

The shopping cart has a performance challenge

Checkout or shopping cart is considered to be a scale to measure an eCommerce website’s actual performance. The rest of the website is believed to be cached. In reality, high visitors encountering websites experience less cache.

Customers will not return

In a simple scenario, customers select the item they want and then progress to checkout without being distracted and buying anything more. Reality differs a bit. You must suggest the customer additional products or provide a link that can help them continue shopping.

Load testing

Load testing addresses how WooCommerce deals with pressure. Measuring this helps predict how your store will perform in various situations, like how many users lead to the performance of your store slowing down.

Here are some elements that can aid in scaling your WooCommerce site.

Test cases should be the same as user navigation

Your test cases cannot be utopian individuals that all behave in a perfectly predictable way. They have to be realistic. There is a possibility that your customer will browse several categories, before deciding to buy something from a different category and adding other items to the list. Hence, there has to be a similarity between the way your test subjects navigate and the real customers do.

Your hosting company has to be aware of your testing

A majority of high-end hosting companies will assist your WooCommerce store in handling high traffic. Hence, it is vital that your hosting provider helps to control exceptions restricting your load testing tool.

The environment must be similar to the production

A few hosting providers do backtesting, though you have to invest a lot of time into your WooCommerce store. The rest who don’t backtest will assist you by building identical environments while employing the same servers.

Avoid performing tests from the front end

Keeping the front end of your site in focus will not give you the right idea of reality since administrators, customers, as well as order processors, will also log into your site. Hence, you need to come up with tests that will include these circumstances as well.

Make sure your tests are functioning

Normal websites make it easy to conduct load testing as there are a limited number of logged-in users. WooCommerce, on the other hand, has plenty of users logged in. Hence, the number of regular orders you get could be influenced if the recorded data is not appropriately implemented.

Examples of huge-scale WooCommerce stores


Inter-Shop is a well-known electronic store that is famous for its various Greek products and imports. Cloudflare is incorporated into Inter Shop which controls functionality and speed. Therefore, the right web hosting company can make scaling your WooCommerce store extremely easy. is an e-commerce store set up in Pakistan that implements the WooCommerce plugin. It sells a variety of products namely baby care items, home appliances, accessories, and computer hardware tools. They deal in higher than 25,000 products. The wooCommerce plugin along with the Flatsome child theme is the foundation on which the website was built.

Soul Brother

Dealing in music stuff and t-shirts for singles, jazz, and pop, this London-based store ships items worldwide. Along with the Canvas WordPress theme and WooCommerce plugin the Soul Brother website is established. is situated in Great Britain. It deals in over 40,000 automobile parts. They provide these items to all of the world’s biggest countries making it global automobile parts supplying giant. You can confirm the shipping costs on their website as they might differ based on your country. SagePay ensures a safe payment gateway.


WooCommerce gives you the opportunity to customize your business by scaling it to accommodate your needs. Its affordable packages and flexibility make it a boon for businesses, small and big. The varied benefits that come along with WooCommerce make it perfect to help your business grow.

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