How to Enhance Your Business during Lockdown

April 15, 2020 / Business tips

How to grow business from home

COVID-19 has transformed the countries across the world from don-not-panic state to a state of complete lockdown. With the tragic loss of life, Coronavirus is spreading like wildfire with each passing day causing a panic situation across the countries. To prevent the spread of the virus and put a full stop to the rising cases at an alarming speed, the governments across the countries have issued shelter-in-place orders.

The outbreak of Coronavirus pandemic has tipped every small business across the US into uncharted territory. For safety concerns the businesses have remote working facilities turning at-home workplace to be a reality. Locked inside the houses for safety reasons, people are attending virtual meetings, webinars to enhance their skills and continue their job responsibilities.

The country-wide quarantines and social distancing are leading to a recession in the economy. Impacting the business world, the COVID-19 pandemic has led the markets and businesses on a downward spiral.

Let’s see how we can enhance our business during this COVID-19 major lockdown.

Virtual Workshops:

The COVID-19 Pandemic has given wings to the work from home culture as people across the world are forced to stay behind the closed doors of their homes. Interestingly, the outbreak of coronavirus enlightened the business minds with the true potential of digital mediums of communication. Video conferences and webinars or virtual workshops have become a new trend across the corporate sectors struggling to fill the proximity gap during this major lockdown.

Virtual workshops for the employees will help them sharpen their skills during this lockdown. For IT companies delivering services, a virtual workshop can be a saving grace for your business. Also, engaging your customers with webinars on your products will ensure long term customer relationships. Notify your customers about the online workshops through emails and also ensure you have a booking slot on your website for those who visit your website. This will help you garner some new customers enhancing your business.

Social Media Marketing:

The pandemic-induced social distancing has forced people to stay at home preventing the spread of the virus. Truly, we can thank God for the internet that will help us pass our time as we push ourselves to the confines of our homes. During the lockdown, people are spending most of their time on social media. You can host some contests on social media where your customers are found spending most of the time. Social media contests will help you engage your customers during the lockdown strengthening the business relationships.

Also, you can post some informative articles for customers to read and enhance their knowledge. Create some engaging videos and gifs that will engage your customers and will also widen your business presence.

Adapt a Sensitive Tone:

COVID-19 has become a serious issue with the tragic loss of life across the world. As businesses remain closed and employees work from home, social distancing brings several opportunities to connect to customers. As we stay behind the locked doors, we should make sure we entertain our customers with an interesting piece of information through emails and blogs.

While you communicate to ensure your tone of communication is sensitive and you are not talking only about your products. Personalized services delight the customers and deliver better brand recall. Call your customers or drop a courtesy email extending regret over current disruptions and ensuring your support in these disruptive scenarios. This is an invaluable service that your clients won’t forget to enhance your relationships and business.

Drive the Digital Transformation Journey:

Digital technologies are playing a vital role as the world is facing Lockdown. The Business world is embracing digital technologies for virtual meetings, conferences, project management and much more. During this pandemic influenced social distancing, talk about the digital transformation journey of businesses and how it is beneficial.

Also encourage businesses to migrate to cloud services. Migrating business to the cloud ensures transparency between the employees working on the same project. It prevents unauthorized access to confidential information by storing it in the encrypted form.

Wrap up:

As COVID-19 wreaks havoc with the tragic loss of life across the world, businesses announce work from home culture to prevent the spread of the virus. As the lockdown continues people across the cities are spending time on social media, attending webinars, video-conferences, etc. The article will help you enhance your business as you stay at home during this pandemic.

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