How can a private cloud solution benefit my business?

July 13, 2012 / Cloud Hosting Dedicated Servers VPS Hosting

Cloud hosting services are designed to provide reliability that isn’t available with other web hosting services, with uptime guarantees of 100% available with some cloud hosting plans. Even though there is the possibility of network or hardware failure occurring in the cloud, the design of Bodhost’s cloud infrastructure ensures that there is no single point of failure so that is there is network or server failure somewhere within the cloud, there is no noticeable impact on the performance of operation of the cloud as a whole.

When compared to a dedicated server, a cloud virtual machine represents a much more manageable solution because our eNlight Cloud Hosting Services are controlled through a web-based control panel; dedicated servers often lack this level of control, instead many tasks have to be done directly by data center staff that have physical access to the server. Other benefits of choosing the cloud over a dedicated server include:

  • Running a cluster of virtual machines in a cloud is going to be far cheaper than having multiple dedicated servers of the same capacity; more often than not the performance of a dedicated server can be recreated with a cloud virtual machine
  • Bodhost provides the facility to scale individual resources on the eNlight platform, whether you choose a shared cloud or private cloud, so that you can upgrade the resources of your virtual machines as demand dictates without causing downtime.

Private Cloud Servers

Larger businesses are going to require the use of a private cloud hosting solution, as this will give them complete control over their hosting infrastructure along with the resources necessary when wanting to consolidate a large number of dedicated servers into the cloud. Although shared cloud hosting is available for businesses of any size, there is a point at which a business’s demands for resources will begin to outstrip what the shared cloud can offer, therefore leaving the only sensible option to be private cloud hosting. Bodhost can provide a private cloud based around your own distinct needs with the number of servers in the cloud depending on the specific resources demanded or the number of dedicated servers that you wish to migrate into the cloud.

As part of our private cloud solutions, Bodhost will provide you with your own eNlight-based cloud hosting cluster that you can then configure as you wish. The eNlight platform can offer you the following benefits:

  • Auto-scaling is one of the most popular features of eNlight and it is important for you to build additional capacity on top of what you require into your private cloud so that you have the option to enable auto-scaling for particularly important virtual machines
  • You can manage your entire cloud from the web-based eNlight control panel; from here you will be able to add extra servers to your cluster to improve your resource pool as well as provision additional virtual machines to meet your infrastructure demands
  • eNlight as a platform supports both Windows and Linux meaning that there is no dependency on the operating system of the hosting server; this means that it is easier to distribute virtual machines across the cloud as Windows VMs and Linux VMs are able to run side-by-side.

A private cloud infrastructure requires significant investment because of the number of servers and other physical hardware that will form the cloud. One way in which you can save money is opting to use Bodhost’s 24×7 support team for the management of your cloud as opposed to your own in-house support team; as eNlight is a platform that has been developed by our staff, our support team have full knowledge of the workings of the application meaning that they can rectify issues in no time at all and can work with you to provide customization where required – it will be more beneficial for your business for you to focus your own IT staff on internal matters.

Choosing a private cloud solution from Bodhost will provide your business with a reliable platform on which expansion can be achieved easily and dynamically. There are cost savings to be had from choosing a private cloud over dedicated server hosting or on-site server hosting, releasing money that can be used elsewhere to improve your business’s IT infrastructure or your website.

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